Choosing Your AFS Wing Foil Package

Choosing Your AFS Wing Foil Package

Entering the realm of wing foiling can be overwhelming with the myriad of options available. Questions about wing sizes, board lengths, and foil types can cloud your decision-making process. Fear not, as we're here to provide you with expert advice on selecting the perfect wing foil package for your needs.

Choosing Your Wing Foil Package: Options from AFS

AFS offers two distinct wing foil packages tailored to different skill levels and preferences.

  1. Access Pack - Ideal for Beginners: The AFS Access package is designed to cater to beginners looking to venture into wing foiling. It features the Flyer hydrofoil, characterized by its thick and elongated front wing, offering stability and control for confident progression. Crafted from high-quality carbon in France, this foil ensures both rigidity and reliability while remaining exceptionally lightweight at just 3 kg. Paired with the Fly range of boards boasting TOMO shapes, stability on the water is guaranteed whether kneeling or standing. These boards, constructed with a PVC Glass sandwich, prioritize durability. For beginners, opting for a board with a volume approximately 10 liters higher than your weight is advisable. Additionally, the renowned WILF wing included in this package offers versatility and ease of use across various conditions and disciplines.

  2. Evolution Pack - Suited for Beginner to Intermediate Levels: The Evolution Pack caters to riders ranging from beginner to intermediate levels. Constructed with full carbon, the Performer foil boasts a thinner wing profile for enhanced performance. With a medium aspect ratio, these wings remain user-friendly and accessible. This package offers three size options (1450, 1650, and 1900) to accommodate different weights and facilitate progression to smaller wings within the same range. The foil setup, comprising an 85 cm mast and Performer fuselage, prioritizes glide and stability during flight. You have the choice between the versatile Fly range and the dedicated Fire range of foilboards, each offering unique characteristics tailored to your preferences. Paired with the renowned WILF sail, this package ensures a seamless wing foiling experience.

Choosing Your Wing Surface: Selecting the appropriate wing surface is crucial for optimal performance and progression. Here are some recommendations based on weight ranges:

  • For riders weighing between 70kg and 90kg, a 5m2 wing offers versatility across various conditions, providing sufficient power while remaining manageable.
  • Riders exceeding 90kg may benefit from a 6m2 wing for increased power, although starting with larger wings is not recommended due to potential maneuverability issues.
  • Riders weighing less than 70kg can consider a 4m2 wing, offering adequate performance in moderate wind conditions.
  • It's advisable to invest in multiple wing sizes to accommodate different wind strengths. Common combinations include 6m2/4m2, 5m2/3.4m2, or 4m2/2.8m2.

Choosing Your Wing Foiling Board: When selecting a wing foiling board, several factors should be taken into account:

  • Length: Longer boards offer better glide, ideal for beginners, while shorter boards prioritize maneuverability and responsiveness.
  • Outline: Rectangular outline boards with wide tips offer stability and early takeoff, whereas ovoid outline boards provide enhanced responsiveness and control.
  • Width: Wider boards offer greater stability on the water.
  • Volume: Choose a board volume approximately 10 liters higher than your weight for beginners, equivalent to your weight for intermediate riders, and below your weight for experienced riders.
  • Construction: Rigid boards, typically constructed with a sandwich construction, offer better glide, stability, and faster progression compared to inflatable boards.

What Foil Front Wing Size and Mast Length? The choice of foil front wing size depends on the profile range and your weight. Thicker profile wings provide more lift, whereas thinner profile wings offer enhanced performance. Carbon masts are recommended for better glide and durability.

Conclusion: Navigating the world of wing foiling requires careful consideration of various factors, including foil type, wing size, board characteristics, and mast length. By understanding your skill level, weight, and preferences, you can confidently select the perfect wing foil package to embark on your exhilarating wing foiling journey. If you're eager to delve deeper into the world of wing foiling, explore our comprehensive guide for all the insights you need to master this exciting watersport.