Flymount Aero

Flymount Aero
Wing foiling has emerged as a significant topic of discussion within the watersports community. Many industry experts regard it as one of the fastest-growing disciplines in watersports. Its widespread appeal becomes evident due to its versatility, catering to riders with diverse backgrounds. Whether it's flat water freeriding, freestyling, or riding waves, wing foiling accommodates various preferences. This versatility has attracted windsurfers, kiters, surfers, and many others to explore and engage in the sport. In this article, we delve into some of the optimal techniques for utilizing your Flymount Aero 130 to capture stunning GoPro/Insta360 shots while wing foiling.

Introducing our innovative Flymount Aero, an ultralight action camera mount designed for wings and kites. Featuring a brand-new patent-pending camera adjustment system and a featherlight construction, the Flymount Aero offers limitless mounting possibilities on wing foil wings and kite central struts.

Crafted from extra tough glass-reinforced Akulon® and marine-grade metal parts, the Flymount Aero is built to withstand saltwater, impact, and high levels of UV. Its patent-pending design incorporates a single operational handle that tightens both the jaws and the camera adaptor simultaneously, reducing bulk and ensuring an incredibly lightweight build of just 140g, without compromising equipment performance.

Specifically engineered for mounting GoPro and other action cameras to inflatable wing and kite bladders, the Flymount Aero features a unique jaw profile that locks the mount in position and prevents movement. Internally, soft EVA pads line the jaws to protect your gear and enhance grip when wet.

Using the Flymount Aero is simple and intuitive; a single handle opens and closes the camera mount's jaws, tightening the camera adaptor securely in place while allowing for further adjustment if needed.

Proudly made in England from premium-grade glass-reinforced Akulon® and marine-grade stainless steel, the Flymount Aero offers a recommended safe mounting range of 80 - 130mm.


The ultralight action camera mount. An exeptional strength to weight raio make the Aero-130 an ideal GoPro mount for kite central struts and wing mounting.
A great choice for mounting GoPro Max, Insta360, and other 360 degree cameras.