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AFS Blackbird SUP Downwind Foilboard

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The Blackbird: A Journey Beyond Limits

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with the Blackbird, your gateway to the thrilling world of limitless downwind expeditions, far from the conventional paths.

This isn't just sailing; it's about transcending expectations, navigating the edges of high-performance riding with unmatched confidence and fluidity—a seamless blend of fervor and ground-breaking innovation.

Introducing the Blackbird Experience

Crafted for the adrenaline seekers of extreme sports, the Blackbird stands as the quintessence of high-octane performance, offering a distinctive design and an experience like no other.

Its pioneering design redefines the boundaries of aerodynamic efficiency, achieving a flawless balance between aesthetics and functionality.

The meticulous engineering of the hull, deck, and innovative front and rear configurations minimizes resistance, ensuring precise control, and superior stability.

Innovative Design for Supreme Performance

The Blackbird's design transcends mere looks, symbolizing the ideal amalgamation of top-tier performance with user-friendly operation.

Its lowered deck, coupled with subtle concave contours, fosters an intimate connection with the foil. This design not only enhances control but significantly lowers the centre of gravity, minimizing the distance between the rider's feet and the foil for impeccable handling.

Unrivalled Downwind Specialist

Boasting exceptional lift-off capabilities, the Blackbird excels in diverse downwind scenarios—be it SUP, prone downwind (DW), freeride adventures, competitive races, amidst swells, or on calm waters. It ensures the most advanced foils lift off with ease, setting a new standard in performance.

Exquisite Carbon Craftsmanship

Constructed from premium carbon, incorporating a dual longitudinal carbon stringer, the Blackbird is a masterpiece of modern engineering. Each carbon fiber and joint is painstakingly aligned to offer maximum durability and stiffness, significantly enhancing performance during pumping actions.

Choose Your Style - Classic Black or Custom White Finish

Step into the realm of the Blackbird, where passion meets innovation, and every ride promises to be an unparalleled journey of discovery.

7’6 x 19″ (6.2 Kg) 110 L
7’6 x 21″ (6.7 Kg) 120 L
8’0 x 18″ (6.3 Kg) 115 L
8’0 x 20″ (6.7 Kg) 125 L
8’0 x 22″ (7.4 Kg) 140 L
Box Double Rail US
Construction PVC Sandwich Carbon


7’6 x 19″85 Kg and less

8’0 x 18″85 Kg and less

7’6 x 21″ 85 Kg – 95 Kg

8’0 x 20″ 85 Kg – 95 Kg

8’0 x 22″95 Kg and more

AFS Blackbird SUP Downwind Foilboard
  • 7'6x19" / White - £1,999.00
  • 7'6x19" / Black - £1,999.00
  • 7'6x21" / White - £1,999.00
  • 7'6x21" / Black - £1,999.00
  • 8'0x18" / White - £2,089.00
  • 8'0x18" / Black - £2,089.00
  • 8'0x20" / White - £2,089.00
  • 8'0x20" / Black - £2,089.00
  • 8'0x22" / White - £2,089.00
  • 8'0x22" / Black - £2,089.00