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Experience stability, lightness, and ease right from your initial flights with the AFS WILF wing. Glide above the waves within seconds, immersing yourself in an unparalleled adrenaline rush. Push your boundaries with this efficient, lightweight, and user-friendly wing that boasts a compact design, reinforced construction, and a wide range of applications. With five available sizes suitable for all conditions, the AFS WILF wing ensures a thrilling and enjoyable experience for beginners and seasoned users alike.

Product Advantages:

  • Efficient, lightweight, and easy to use
  • Compact design
  • Reinforced construction
  • Wide range of use
  • Available in 5 sizes for all conditions

What Program? The AFS WILF is a lightweight and compact wing suitable for use anywhere and in all conditions. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, it provides an easy and enjoyable experience from your first flights, supporting your progression for an extended period.

Which Size to Choose? Select the appropriate size based on your weight and wind conditions:

Weight Range <65kg 65-70kg 70-75kg 75-80kg 80-85kg 85-90kg >90kg
Wind Speed 10-20 knots 4m 4m 5m 5m 5m 6m
Wind Speed >20 knots 2.8m 2.8m 3.4m 3.4m 3.4m 4m

Which Combo for Two Wings? Recommended combos:

  • 6m / 4m
  • 5m / 3.4m
  • 4m / 2.8m


  • Sizes: 2.8, 3.4, 4, 5, 6
  • Span: 2.5m, 2.7m, 2.9m, 3.3m, 3.65m
  • Range of Use: 20–40 knots, 18–35 knots, 15–35 knots, 10–28 knots, 8–22 knots

How Many Handles Does It Have?

  • 2 handles for 2.8m, 3.4m, 4m, and 5m
  • 3 handles for 6m

Construction: The canopy material is Teijin T9669, a proven choice in the world of kitesurfing for stability and durability. The WILF's leading edge is reinforced for abrasion resistance, strategically positioned after thorough testing to ensure one of the lightest wings on the market.

What Is Included? The wing is sold with its transport bag, leash, repair kit, and harness end, providing everything you need for an optimal experience.

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