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Black Project

Black Project LAVA 2 piece 90% Carbon Adjustable SUP Paddle 2023

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Black Project - LAVA 90% Carbon 2 Piece Adjustable Paddle - 2023

Engineered to enhance performance, the LAVA is the pinnacle of 2-piece adjustable paddles. Lightweight and durable, this paddle offers a significant upgrade over other options on the market. It shares much of the same advanced design as Black Project's premier race and surf paddles, Hydro and Surge, but features a more forgiving blade design ideal for a relaxed and lower cadence paddle stroke.

Key Features:

  • 2-piece adjustable paddle
  • 90% carbon construction
  • Optimized adjustment ranges for each size
  • Power Grip handle
  • Anti-twist adjustment system
  • Medium blade with medium shaft weighs 600g

Shaft and Blade Size Guide:

  • Slim Shaft Small Blade

    • Shaft size: 26.6 mm
    • Paddle length: 165 cm - 195 cm (65" - 77")
    • Blade size: 490 cm²
  • Medium Shaft Medium Blade

    • Shaft size: 29 mm
    • Paddle length: 175 cm - 205 cm (69" - 81")
    • Blade size: 581.8 cm²
  • Medium Shaft Large Blade

    • Shaft size: 29 mm
    • Paddle length: 185 cm - 215 cm (73" - 85")
    • Blade size: 581.8 cm²

Advanced Blade Technology:

  • Scooped Dihedral Blade Design: Corrects poor alignment, reducing fatigue and injury. The scooped dihedral shape holds water securely during the power phase, eliminating lateral blade movement for smooth, efficient force delivery. The extended tapered scoop ensures stability and power even with incomplete blade immersion, providing a clean catch and efficient release.

  • 10-Degree Blade Angle: Designed for a smoother paddle stroke and enhanced comfort, the moderate 10° angle suits a more relaxed, lower cadence stroke.

  • Structural Stability: The blade's front ridge increases vertical and lateral stiffness, enhancing strength and stability. For the LAVA, a subtler Power Ridge provides a bit more flex for added comfort compared to the Hydro and Surge.

Enhanced Safety and Durability:

  • Smooth Blade Edges: Increase safety, strengthen the blade, and reduce board damage. The slim-line joint system minimizes water drag and prevents rail damage from hard edges. The LAVA paddle's robust design ensures one of the strongest SUP paddles available, with a near-zero failure rate.

REFLEX Carbon Construction:

  • 90% 3k Carbon: The Reflex construction features a smooth matte finish for excellent grip and a medium flex shaft for quick power generation.

Tailored for Your Needs:

  • Customization Options: Black Project offers the LAVA in three blade sizes and two shaft diameters, ensuring a perfect fit for every paddler, regardless of skill level or water conditions. Selecting the right paddle is straightforward, making it easy to find the optimal choice for your paddling experience.
Black Project LAVA 2 piece 90% Carbon Adjustable SUP Paddle 2023
  • Small - £249.00
  • Medium - £249.00
  • Large - £249.00