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JOBE AERO MIRA 10'0'' ISUP paddle board

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Jobe Aero Mira SUP Board 10'0" Package Now Available 

High-end quality without breaking the bank! The Mira is our SUP board which offers the quality which you are used to from a Jobe SUP but at an affordable price.

The Mira is a thinner SUP but also uses our new X-Stitching Construction and Heat Bonded Technology, to ensure a light and stiff SUP board. An added tape on the rails make our SUP more durable and built to last. And you get all this in one easy-to-store package, which you can take anywhere you go.

Giving you a supreme inflatable package for a gentle price. *3 Year Warranty

Aero Collection The Jobe Aero collection is almost 1kg lighter than they have been in other years. This is thanks to new technologies that also make the stand-up paddleboard a lot stiffer when inflated correctly meaning it won't bend when you stand on it which allows the board to flow much more freely through the water. Perfect if you don't live on the water due to its convenience lack of storage space required as the board and accessories all pack away into the waterproof bag.

All boards in the Aero range are backed by an industry-leading 3-year warranty! 

Heat Bonded Technology This technology of using heat to bond the board together has helped to save almost 2kg compared to other brands in the sup industry. This makes it much easier to carry your board around whether it's inflated or not. This process is completed by a machine meaning there is no human error involved so you are far less likely to have and slow leaks or manufacturing defects. The process involves using a lot less glue than traditional processes meaning it is a lot better for the environment. 

X Drop Stitched Woven Nylon Threads - Help to reduce weight and improve stiffness  Extra PVC Stringer On Top Of Board - Helps to improve the rigidity of the board  Rail Tapes On The Edges - Help the sup to be more rigid and increase the durability EZ Lock Fin - No tools needed, simply click the fin in lace and secure with the push down lock 

Specifications- Length: 10'0'' (3,05 m) Width: 32' (81,3 cm) Thickness: 4'75" (12,0 cm) Volume: 200L Recommended rider weight: up to 90kg/ 198 LBS. Board Weight: 17,2 lbs. (7,8 kg) Nose Rocker: 7,5', Tail Rocker: 0' Features- Heat bonded technology: Heat bonded technology: more- layer quality and safety 5mm thick diamond pattern EVA traction deck Halkey Roberts valve Valve patch assistance D-ring connector on tip and tail

Three 4.2' flexible fins Double action Pump 10 ft./3.04 m straight leash Adjustable aluminium 3-piece paddle Waterproof backpack (without front pocket)

  • 3 year warranty after registration
  • Heat bonded technology: more layer quality and safety
  • Non-slip EVA foam pattern, allows comfortable long term SUPing
  • Lightweight X-dropstitching construction
  • Stringer on top for extra stiffness
  • Halkey Roberts Valve
  • 8" EZ lock fin
  • D-ring on tip and tail
  • Valve patch assistance
  • Nose rocker: 7,5", Tail rocker: 0"
  • Recommended rider weight: Up to 100kg | 220 lbs
  • Package weight: 13,28kg | 29lbs
  • Dimensions when inflated: 10' x 32" x 4,75" | 305 x 81,3 x 12cm
  • Volume: 225l
  • Package contains: Aero Mira SUP Board 10.0, adjustable 3-piece aluminium paddle, waterproof backpack, double action pump, 10ft / 3,04m coiled leash
  • Download product manual