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Sandbanks Style

Sandbanks Style Explorer Double Seater Kayak

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The Explorer is a flat bottom, open top kayak designed to effortlessly carve through calm, flat water. It's design makes it ideal for people who are looking for fun on rivers, lakes and flat waters and is suitable for beginners and experienced paddlers alike. We have made the new model slightly wider making it more stable than ever. The Explorer comes with luggage straps at the front and rear so it has plenty of room for dry bags and gear for your day on the water.  

Just like the Optimal, the Explorer is inflatable but designed to feel just like a solid kayak with no compromise in performance. What’s more, it is more affordable than the equivalent hard kayaks on the market.  

The Explorer comes with two removable seats, two 4-piece paddles, wheel bag as well as a removable skeg to add speed and stability. Following feedback from our original models these accessories have been upgraded for greater comfort and performance,

The explorer is available as a single or double seater.


  • Top-quality Bravo two-stage pump;  

  • 2 x Double sided, lightweight 4-piece aluminium paddles.

  • 2 x Removable kayak seats.

  • Lightweight, hardwearing WHEELIE rucksack with room to pack everything.

  • 3 year warranty.

  • 2 x Foor Supports
  • Plus, you can call us anytime if you'd like us to talk you through setting up the Kayak.

  • Flat bottom drop stitch hull.

  • 3 chambers (bottom & side walls).

  • 2 x removable seats.

  • Luggage straps front and rear.

  • Length: 15’5’’.

  • Width: 32’’.

  • Thickness: 10cm side wall + 8cm bottom.

  • No. of Chambers: 3(Two side wall + bottom).

  • Net Weight: 18kg.

  • Max Person: 2

  • Max Capacity: 330kg

  • Package Size: 95cm x 55cm x 37cm

  • Inflation Pressure: 12psi


Everything and more than we'd hoped

I can find little, if any, fault with this Kayak. I can honestly say it is brilliant and worth every penny. It is quick and easy to inflate, comes in a good bag with wheels for easy transportation, cuts through the water effortlessly, keeps a straight track and feels incredibly stable especially when climbing in and out. We have used it on calm rivers and open broads in Norfolk in strong winds and it coped effortlessly in the choppy waters with the wind head on, side on and behind us. It stayed oncourse and was not blown about by the wind even a little. The ease of paddling this kayak along with the good quality, high backed, comfortable seats have enabled us to travel for longer periods than with our previous inflatable Kayak. There is ample space inside, more than enough room for my husband who is 6ft, 2in and myself to stretch out, footrests supplied, and still plenty of room for anything else you may want to take along on your trip. The quality is excellent, it looks awesome and we have had no end of people asking us about it when they see us with it out on the water. One thing to note is the kayak is long so turning tight corners takes a little preparation. Never did I think we would, at 62 years of age, be overtaking other paddlers on the water. Customer service great with next day delivery. Happy, contented paddlers we are in this super boat.

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Sandbanks Style Explorer Double Seater Kayak
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