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Shark SUPs

2021 Shark SUPS Paddle Board 10’0'' All Round Board iSUP

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Shark SUPs 10’/32”/6" All Round

Good for: Paddlers up to 95kg wanting to take their first paddle strokes in SUP, do light SUP touring, try some SUP surfing and even a bit of SUP Yoga - the All Round 10’ is incredibly versatile, perfectly balancing the characteristics you need in your first board.

The 10’ is the smallest in the All Round range. This board allows riders up to 95kg to learn to SUP, go for social paddles, try a little bit of light touring, catch your first SUP surfing waves and even try SUP Yoga!

The All Round 10’ is more compact that the rest of the range, making it the perfect choice for lighter riders. Manufactured from Shark Fusion Technology (SFT), the optimum balance of weight and durability.

The 10’ All Round also features the Shark Kick Tail (SKT) helping you to develop the step back turn technique and board handling in the surf. 

A rear handle has been added to the boards to improve handling on an off the water.

In the box:

Board Carbon Shaft Paddle

Quick Release Shark Fin Shark

Coiled Leash

High-Pressure dual action SUPer hand pump

Wheeled Backpack

Waterproof phone case

Repair kit

Specification: Length10’ Width32” Thickness6” Weight8.5kg Volume297 litres

Rider weightup to 95kg  

Features: PressureHigh pressure valve.Max pressure 25 PSI.Recommended pressure 18 PSI.

FinsShark quick fix tool-less fin.SHARK quick fit foldable fin box. Handles1 piece comfort carry handle.

D-Rings1 x on the underside of nose for towing.1 x one the tail for leash.4 x on deck for loading kit.

Plus:  SHARK SUPs shark skin traction pad.  Shark Kick Tail (SKT).  

3 year warranty.  

50 PSI drop stitch material.  

Shark Fusion Technology (SFT).  

Shark US Foldable Fin Box An innovative fin box that means rolling and packing your SHARK SUP is easier than ever before. The SHARK SUPs foldable fin box avoids frustration when packing your board and is more durable too.

“A great innovation from SHARK SUPs that makes getting on the water easier than ever before!” SUPboarder Magazine

Shark Quick Fit Fin The Shark SUPs Quick Fix fin System is a fast and easy fin system to secure your fin to your board without the need for screws, nuts or tools. Compatible with the SHARK SUPs US Quick Fix Foldable Fin Box, this is SHARK innovation at its best!

Shark Fusion Technology (SFT) Shark Fusion Technology (SFT) is our inflatable SUP construction technology. SFT creates the optimum balance of performance and durability to ensure you have the best performing product that will last you the longest time.

Shark Kick Tail (SKT) Our Shark Kick Tail (SKT) gives you the rider the best possible feedback from your board to enable your board handling progression to be fast and enjoyable. The SKT includes an EVA foam kick pad for positive feedback to the rider when on the tail of the board, as well a different colour deckpad on the board tail acting as a clear visual indication of your position on the board.