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Excellent condition - used AFS Pure 1100 monobloc. Stab not included. Can be sold with rear stab or with alternative stab if needed - contact John to discuss, or check for more used kit.

PURE Foil Features

  • Construction: UHM Carbon Kevlar construction
  • Design: High Aspect Ratio with anhedral bell shape
  • Structure: One-piece structure
  • Profile: Ultra-thin profile for lightweight performance
  • Strength: Superior strength and stiffness
  • Glide: Next-level glide capabilities
  • Origin: Made in France

Achieving a world record speed of 30.05 knots during Weymouth Speedweek in October 2022, PURE foils have solidified their status as the pinnacle of ultra-performance foil technology. These foils are truly versatile, excelling across all terrains and disciplines, from freeride, freestyle, and wave riding to speed, racing, and even prone foiling. Experience their remarkable glide, exceptional feel, and unmatched performance, elevating your riding experience to new heights.

Which Program is Right for You?

PURE foils are versatile and excel across various disciplines, including freeride, freestyle, wave riding, speed, racing, and even prone foiling. These ultra-performance foils offer exceptional glide, responsiveness, and overall performance, elevating your riding experience.

Choose Your Foil

  • Pure HA 1100: Designed for small waves, downwind foiling, and lightwind wing foiling.


Foil Model Span (mm) Surface (cm2) Aspect Ratio
Pure 700 750 750 8
Pure HA 800 1000 800 13
Pure 900 880 900 9
Pure HA 1100 1100 1100 11

Stabilizer Compatibility

  • Pure HA 1100: Advanced stabilizer HA165

Mast Compatibility

PURE foils can be paired with any mast from the AFS range, but for optimal performance, we recommend the Performer or UHM masts to fully unlock the potential of the PURE Foil set.

Construction Details

The use of a Carbon/Kevlar combination with Ultra High Modulus (UHM) carbon allows for optimized foil sections, resulting in a lightweight, strong, and stiff foil.

What's Included

PURE foils come complete with a full protective cover to ensure your investment is well-protected.

  • HA1100 - £740.00