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Introducing the FBC Wing Foil Wrist Leash

Dive into the water and embark on your foiling adventure with confidence!

✅ Dual Wing Leash Attachment ✅ Premium Dynaema with Custom Bungee Core ✅ Rugged, Lightweight, and Durable ✅ Deluxe 4mm Neoprene for Comfort ✅ Safety Strap for Extra Security ✅ Convenient Grab-and-Release Loop

The FBC Wing Foiling Wrist Leash is a feature-rich wrist leash designed to surpass all others on the market. Every aspect has been meticulously crafted for superior performance and longevity, making it a top-tier choice. It excels in strength, comfort, resilience, and weight, with thorough testing in extreme environments, ensuring it meets the high standards of wing foilers. Notably, it boasts the industry's first double wing leash attachment system, guaranteeing your wing stays by your side.

Key Features:

🌟 Premium 4mm neoprene for maximum comfort

🌟 Dynaema buckle – sturdy and resilient

🌟 A large loop for easy tightening and releasing (also preventing it from slipping through the dynaema buckle)

🌟 Strap lock system to prevent unintentional unfastening

🌟 Hollow core dynaema leash with a high-density elastic core, featuring FBC's cutting-edge ANTI SNATCH Leash technology

🌟 Dual safety features: a loop around the lashing point on the leading edge and a secondary loop around the leading edge handle

🌟 A combined leash and strap package designed to work seamlessly together

Available in One Size

Webbing Thickness: 35mm

Neoprene Width/Thickness: 55mm/4mm

Buckle Type: Dynaema

Leash Length: 140cm (unstretched)

  • £34.95