AFS foils are 100% developed and manufactured in France.

The AFS Foils missions :

  • To offer the best foils and equipment with ultimate rider accessibility
  • To provide riders with the most exhilarating, enjoyable foiling experience.

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Laurent Borgna Joins AFS ๐Ÿšจ
Laurent Borgna is a designer well known for his tubercle (bump) foil models inspired by the biomimicry of the whale. He joined the AFS team with the first project to develop a specific range of foils for wave riding.
A long-time water sports enthusiast, he started competing in windsurfing as a youngster. At that time he studied mechanical engineering.
Laurent then switched to kiteboarding where he practiced surfing and kitefoil. He succeeded in combining his passion and his work by designing some products for well known brands from 2019. His practice allows him to acquire a very specialised knowledge of equipment, and pushes him to tweak and develop his equipment to better adapt it to his morphology and optimise his sessions and enjoyment.
Laurent is based in New Caledonia, the ideal place to test his designs in all conditions, whether for downwind, surfing or wing foil, all year round.
Welcome, Laurent! ๐Ÿค™