How to Easily Repair Wing Foil Bladders

How to Easily Repair Wing Foil Bladders

 This  post describes a step-by-step process on how to repair a bladder in a strut or tube. This process involves finding and patching a leak, re-inserting the bladder, and ensuring it is correctly positioned and smoothly inflated.

Start by detaching the velcro patch and making sure the bladder end is rolled and tucked into the 'sock'.

    Note the bladder end rolled and within the “sock”

    • Use a mousing line for easy refitting.

    Less is more!! Only needed to pull one end out through zip to find the leak…

    Found the sucker!!
    Round corners of patch, tear aid is great 👌👌
    Use a flat surface behind patch to ensure no creases…
    Pull repaired bladder back through ensuring no twists… roll end a few times put back into sock and fold over secured by the velcro patch…
    Gently re-inflate checking for smoothness of bladder within strut / tube… give it a little air, massage the tube, let it settle, on this occasion it did take two goes pump, deflate, pump… to allow everything to settle nicely 👌👌✅ Easy… the main thing is to ensure the bladder ends are rolled and folded over within the sock at the end of the strut 👌
    If you have to take a valve fitting off again easy, but use the smooth handle of a spoon to help remove, No Sharp Tools!!!… Liquid soaps aids re-fitting.

    If the inflation valve has to come off, its velcro’d into postion. Do note its position beforehand and make sure its reattached with any twists…
    Mouse the smaller valves too…
    Main valve with Velcro
    Make sure zip is fully closed
    Job done ✅