Stand up paddleboarding is a great way to get fit – but more than that, it’s actually fun! Plus, it doesn’t matter whether you’re someone that hasn’t done exercise for years or if you’re an elite athlete. With SUP there’s something for everyone.

SUP is a really efficient way to do a full-body workout. It can reach almost every muscle in the body, from your shoulders and chest, to your arms and legs, your core muscles (in your tummy and back) and of course, all those muscles in your face because we guarantee you’ll smile and laugh whilst you’re doing it!

So let’s start with something a little more relaxed and work up from there!

Just paddle boarding
If you’re not going to be doing anything in particular, other than a little leisure paddling in the great outdoors, you’d be surprised how much of a workout you’ll get. It can not only burn a surprising number of calories (twice the amount compared to an average walk) but it’ll also help you to gently tone those muscles. The best board for this level of activity would be our All Round Range. There are five different sizes ranging from the kids board right through to the 10’8 x 6″ All Round SHARK SUP designed for taller, heavier riders. The great thing about the All Round boards is that they are incredibly versatile. You can do light SUP touring, try some SUP surfing and even a bit of SUP Yoga.

SUP Yoga
Great for both the body and the mind! For the body this will give you strength training, balance, control and muscle toning. An hour of SUP yoga can burn at least 500 calories.

Depending on your fitness and experience, your intensity can be entirely flexible.

The Yoga SHARK SUP is designed for SUP enthusiasts with a volume that enables it to sit on top of the water and for you to enjoy your yoga on the water. The Yoga SUP has evolved from our All Round model meaning this board is also great for paddling to and from your yoga location.

The Yoga SHARK SUP has a wide tail and nose at 34″ wide and 6’’ thick this board has been optimised for stability and minimal water splash over the deck to ensure you have the best platform. The Yoga SUP’s carrying handles are positioned on the back of the board, so they don’t get in the way of exercise and the Shark Skin EVA deck pad acts as your Yoga mat allowing you to perform yoga exercise comfortably.

D-rings situated on the side of the board allow you to attach a soft shoulder carry strap for easy transporting on land. The Yoga also comes with a paddle holder so you can secure your paddle out of the way whilst exercising.

Manufactured from 6″ high density dropstitch with double layer laminated high density material and triple rail edge this board provides great stability and stiffness, with an optimum balance of weight and durability.

The great things is that we also have our five different All Round SHARK SUPs. They are also a great platform for yoga and for anyone new to a board.

SUP Surfing
Yes – you can catch waves on a SUP too and just like surfing in the traditional way, it’s a seriously good full-body workout! The paddling and balance is one way to workout, and then there’s the climbing back onto your SUP each time you fall off!

We have two different SHARK SUP Surf boards. The 7’8 Pro Surf SHARK SUP is best suited for riders up to 80kg but will still be great fun for riders up to 95kg riders who want a light and fun board to surf head high waves on. Its outline shape with wide nose and tail gives excellent stability for its size, with its wide nose making wave re-entries easy. The boards fish tail and moulded fins give good grip on the wave, yet allows for excellent manoeuvrability. The 9’2 Surf SHARK SUP is a great board for those wanting a board designed specifically for the waves and to improve their SUP surfing. Its pulled in tail and nose allow you to turn the board effortlessly on and off the wave. At 9’2 x 30 it offers a good compromise of glide, stability and manoeuvrability to make SUP surfing more enjoyable and build your confidence and skills.

SUP Windsurfing
Like SUP surfing, windsurfing is a high-intensity workout for your whole body – once you get the hang of it! Your forearms will take the strain of the boom and your body will workout through handling the balance and power of the sail. In addition, your will work on your insurance, because that will certainly be tested as your windsurfing skills improve.

The 10’6 3-in-1 Wind SHARK SUP is for lighter, shorter riders wanting to make the most out of all weather conditions. The 11′ 3-in-1 Wind SHARK SUP is for taller, heavier riders. Having evolved from the All Round shape, this board is great for general paddling and yet has all the fittings to enable you to harness to wind. The mast foot built into the deck of the board and additional fin box allows riders to tune their windsurfing skills. Attach a windsurf rig and fit the additional centre fin and cross over into another exciting sport!

High Intensity SUP
The harder and faster you paddle on a SUP, the better the workout for your body. High intensity is classified as ‘maintaining a stroke rate without stopping’ – how long you do this for is up to you! You can also mix up longer high intensity training with HIIT workouts and interval SUP training.

The Race SHARK SUP is for paddlers looking to enter into the racing performance world of stand up paddleboarding. We have two different sizes, the 12’6 and the 14’ and both come come complete with SHARK design innovations that will help you to the top of the podium – or the top level of fitness that you desire! We have minimised drag caused by choppy water with the SHARK SUPs solid nose innovation. Manufactured from 6″ high density dropstitch with double layer laminated high density material and triple rail edge it provides great stability and stiffness, with an optimum balance of weight and durability.

The 14′ Performance Touring SHARK SUP is a new addition for 2022 and is a SHARK innovation that’s pushing inflatable paddleboard design. The 14′ Performance Tourer is happy cruising long distances or even in a SUP racing promoting top speed and glide.

It’s suited to riders who are looking for increased performance, increased speed and straight line tracking when undertaking longer distance paddles or stamina training. The 14′ Tourer is 29″ wide offering an increasingly streamlined shape for speed and also takes the solid cone nose from the Race SHARK allowing it to cut through the water effortlessly. The 14′ Tourer is the perfect companion for the more experienced paddler looking excel the SUP paddling fitness and skills towards racing, whilst still seeking the stability and cargo loading capacity that this board delivers to enable on the water adventures.

SUP Touring & Exploring
When using a SHARK SUPs Touring Board you’ll be looking to cover a good amount of distance, in a relatively short time frame. As a result, you are paddling more, maybe paddling harder, as well as stopping less if at all. It’s a great cardio workout and could be burning a substantial amount of calories per hour. That’s why it’s also important to take some water and food with you.

The touring range is a step up from our entry level All Round range and with a sleeker outline shape this range allows you to go faster and cover more distance without compromising stability. Each Touring board includes front and rear tie down bungees for multiple load carrying options which makes it great for longer day paddles and overnight SUP expeditions. Manufactured from 5″ high density dropstitch with double layer laminated high density material and triple rail edge it provides great stability and stiffness, with an optimum balance of weight and durability. It also features the Shark Kick Tail (SKT) helping you to develop the step back turn technique.

We have eight different options for Touring boards suitable for every weight and height – and that includes a kid’s SHARK SUP Touring Board too.


We hope that this advice might help you to work on your fitness with your SHARK SUP there as your personal trainer! Don’t forget to tag us on social media and show us where your adventures take you.