The Best Cheap Paddle Boards to Buy in 2024

The Best Cheap Paddle Boards to Buy in 2024

Paddle boarding has surged in popularity over the years, offering enthusiasts a mix of fun, exercise, and tranquility. If you're looking to dive into this activity without breaking the bank, you're in luck. We've compiled a list of the best affordable paddle boards on the market today, focusing on top models like the Aquatone Wave 10'0 and 10'6, Aztron Nova, and Gladiator Origin.

1. Aquatone Wave 10'0 and 10'6

Aquatone Wave 10'0

The Aquatone Wave series is perfect for beginners and intermediate paddle boarders. The Wave 10'0 and 10'6 offer excellent stability, thanks to their 32" width and 6" thickness. These boards are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and provide a smooth ride on both flat water and small waves. The Aquatone Wave series is known for its durable construction, featuring double-layer drop-stitch technology, ensuring longevity and reliability.

  • Price: Was £339 - Now £229
  • Length: 10'0"
  • Width: 32"
  • Thickness: 6"
  • Weight Capacity: 100kg

Aquatone Wave 10'6

2. Aztron Nova

The Aztron Nova is a versatile and compact paddle board, ideal for those who want an all-around board at an affordable price. It features a double-chamber construction, which enhances safety and rigidity. The Nova is designed for easy transport and storage, making it a fantastic option for adventurers with limited space. With its robust build and reliable performance, the Aztron Nova stands out as a top choice for budget-conscious paddle boarders.

  • Price: Was £425- Now £279
  • Length: 10'0"
  • Width: 32"
  • Thickness: 6"
  • Weight Capacity: 110kg

3. Gladiator Origin

The Gladiator Origin is another excellent budget-friendly paddle board. It offers a great balance of stability, durability, and performance. This board is constructed with military-grade PVC, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of frequent use. The Gladiator Origin is designed for various water conditions, making it a versatile option for both beginners and seasoned paddle boarders. Its high weight capacity and solid construction make it a reliable and long-lasting investment.

  • Price: Was £399 - Now £299
  • Length: 10'6"
  • Width: 32"
  • Thickness: 6"
  • Weight Capacity: 120kg

Why Choose These Paddle Boards?


All the paddle boards listed above offer excellent value for money. They are priced competitively, making them accessible for beginners and casual users who don’t want to spend a fortune on their first board.


Despite their affordable prices, these boards do not compromise on quality. They are built using high-quality materials and advanced construction techniques, ensuring they can withstand the demands of regular use.


These boards provide a smooth and stable ride, making them suitable for a range of water conditions. Whether you're paddling on a calm lake or riding small waves at the beach, these boards deliver reliable performance.


Lightweight and easy to transport, these boards are perfect for adventurers who like to take their gear on the go, and come with convenient carrying bags and easy-to-use inflation systems.


Choosing the right paddle board doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. The Aquatone Wave 10'0 and 10'6, Aztron Nova, and Gladiator Origin offer fantastic options for those seeking quality and affordability. These boards provide durability, performance, and portability, making them ideal for beginners and experienced paddle boarders alike. Dive into the world of paddle boarding with confidence, knowing that you’ve chosen a board that offers excellent value for your money.

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