Which F-ONE Foilboard to Choose?

Which F-ONE Foilboard to Choose?

With a commitment to innovation and extensive R&D, F-One offers a diverse range of foil boards designed to meet the needs of every rider, from beginners to advanced enthusiasts. Each board in our lineup is crafted with precision to ensure the best possible experience on the water, balancing craftsmanship and functionality.

Key Considerations

When selecting your F-ONE foilboard, consider your skill level, weight, typical riding conditions, and preferred riding style. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make the right choice.

Board Range Overview

Our foil board range is designed for both accessibility and performance. The feedback from our pro riders has been instrumental in shaping these boards to cater to all levels of foiling enthusiasts.

Volume Guidelines

For wing foiling, your weight and skill level determine the ideal board volume:

  • Beginner: Weight + 40L. For example, a 70kg rider should opt for a board around 110L.
  • Intermediate: Weight = Volume. A 60kg rider should choose a board around 60L.
  • Advanced: Weight - 15L. More experienced riders benefit from lower volumes for better maneuverability and speed.

Specific Board Recommendations

Rocket Wing Range

  • Beginner: Boards like the ROCKET WING ASC 110L or ROCKET WING Bamboo 105L are ideal.
  • Intermediate: Match your weight to the board volume for improved control.
  • Advanced: Opt for lower volumes to enhance responsiveness and speed.

Rocket Midlength

  • Beginner: Weight + ~40L. For example, an 80kg beginner should choose the 6’2 board with 120L.
  • Intermediate: Weight + ~25L.
  • Advanced: Weight + ~15L.

Board Models and Their Programs

Rocket Wing and Rocket Wing Carbon

Designed for durability and ease of use, these boards are perfect for freeride and freestyle, providing stability and balance.

Rocket Wing-S and Rocket Wing-S Carbon

Ideal for wave riding, these boards feature a surf-type shape for easy take-offs and minimal drag, suitable for cruising, surfing, or jumping.

Rocket Wing ASC

This board is perfect for all stages of wing foil progression, offering stability, responsiveness, and smooth transitions into flight.

Rocket Midlength

Combining efficiency and glide with stability, the Rocket Midlength is perfect for quick take-offs, light wind conditions, and a one-board quiver.

Rocket Surf

Compact and narrow, the Rocket Surf is designed for surf foiling, offering maximum control for riding, take-offs, and carving.

Rocket SUP DW Pro

Built for early and efficient take-offs, this board excels in flat water, open ocean bumps, or light wind sessions.

Construction and Technologies

Bamboo Deck and Full Bamboo

These constructions use bamboo veneers for a strong, durable, and lightweight shell. The Full Bamboo construction features bamboo on the entire board for added durability.


HD Foam Carbon Composite

Ideal for freestyling, these boards are lightweight and strong, offering resistance to heel pressures and dings.

Air Shield Composite (ASC)

Featuring a lightweight EPS core and a high-strength composite, ASC boards are durable and responsive.

Choosing Between Bamboo and Carbon

  • Bamboo: Suitable for freeriding and surfing, offering great durability.
  • Carbon: Preferred for jumping and harder landings due to its lighter weight and added strength.


Selecting the right F-ONE foilboard involves considering your skill level, weight, and preferred riding conditions. Whether you're into kite foiling, wing foiling, surfing, or downwinding, our range of shapes, sizes, and constructions will meet your needs. Choose wisely to maximize your experience on the water.