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Introducing the Adventum 10'4: The Ultimate All-Rounder for Budget-Conscious Short Riders!

The Adventum 10'4 SUP is the perfect choice for shorter riders seeking enhanced stability without straining their budget. With its dimensions of 10'4 x 31", it's designed to provide an exceptional all-round experience for individuals under 5'7. The 31" width and straight rails ensure remarkable stability, offering short riders a comfortable and accessible paddleboard. Whether you're gliding on flat water or catching waves with friends, family, kids, or even your furry companion, the Adventum SUP board promises a fantastic and unforgettable time on the water.

Key Features:

Outline Shape: The 10'4 x 31" dimensions and square tail provide excellent glide and stability, making this board maneuverable and easy to turn. The rail shape enhances tracking, reducing the need to switch the paddle from side to side when in motion.

Dropstitch: Crafted with light tech technology, the Adventum incorporates a 2-layer sandwich of 1000 den textile substrate between PVC layers, ensuring added stiffness and durability.

Deckpad: The premium EVA deckpad offers comfort and exceptional underfoot grip.

Bungee Cargo System: Adventum cargo straps allow you to load up the board with gear for a day of paddleboarding adventures.

Handle Design: With handles located at the front, back, and middle, the board is easily transportable for the entire family. The comfy and durable flat web handles also make it a fantastic choice for yoga enthusiasts.

Fin and Fin Box Design: Adventum boards come with a stiff and durable universal fin box, providing versatility and easy replacement options.

Paddle: The 4-piece paddle features a nylon blade and can convert from a SUP paddle to a kayak paddle, accommodating riders of all heights. It easily fits into your Adventum bag.

Seat: The Adventum paddleboard includes a kayak seat attachment, (seat not included) perfect for those who prefer a seated paddling experience.

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D-Ring Seat Attachment Points: With 4 integrated D-rings on the deckpad, adding your Adventum seat is quick and effortless.

Bag: The oversized rectangular Adventum backpack ensures easy storage, and its sturdy zip and comfortable rucksack straps make it convenient for carrying your board anywhere.

Pump: The Adventum double action pump provides swift and efficient inflation, with the option to switch to single action for ease of use.

Elevate your paddleboarding experience with the Adventum 10'4 – where budget-friendly meets outstanding performance for shorter riders.

  • £299.00