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AFS Cruiser Stabiliser - Carbon

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The Cruiser Stabilizer Range Compared to PURE and SILK Ranges


The Cruiser stabilizer range offers a superb balance between stability, glide, and handling. Its slim profile ensures excellent glide, while the pronounced boom and progressive dihedral facilitate intuitive handling.

Product Advantages

  • All-Terrain Stabilizer
  • Excellent Stability
  • Intuitive Handling
  • Top Glide and Pumping
  • Made in France


The Cruiser is the ultimate all-purpose stabilizer. It is accessible and provides excellent gliding sensations for all sizes, combining performance and comfort intuitively across all disciplines: freeride, downwind, or freestyle.

Choosing Between CRUISER, PURE, and SILK

Cruiser - Pre-Preg Carbon
  • Sizes: Small (S 190), Medium (M 220), Large (L 245)
  • Features:
    • Good balance between stability, glide, and maneuverability
    • Smooth and progressive behavior
    • Comfortable flying sensation, combining mastery and potential
  • Applications: Wing foil, surf foil, SUP foil, downwind
  • Compatibility: Particularly well-suited for the Performer and Evo ranges, and also for Advanced foils (Pure, Silk, etc.), making performance more accessible and relaxed.
Advanced PURE - Pre-Preg HM/UHM Carbon
  • Pure 145 and 150:

    • 145 PURE: Flat dihedral for high control, especially at high speeds. Ideal for racing, freeride, and performance.
    • 150 PURE: Dihedral and arrow design for enhanced maneuverability and tighter turning radius.
    • Applications: Freeride, performance, big waves, high-speed evolution
    • Compatibility: Ideal for the Pure range but also enhances Performer and Evo ranges.
  • Pure HA 135 and 165:

    • Features: Higher aspect ratio for more glide and stability
    • Applications: Downwind practice, combined with Pure HA800 and Pure HA1100
Advanced SILK - Pre-Preg HM/UHM Carbon
  • SILK 132, 142, 152:

    • Features: Compact outline, marked dihedral for optimized transitions and fluid direction changes at medium and high speeds.
    • Applications: Surf foil, wing foil, intuitive turn chaining
  • SILK HA 38, 40, 43:

    • Features: High aspect ratio, facilitating pumping and relaunch phases at low and medium speeds, excellent maneuverability, and good glide at higher speeds.
    • Compatibility: Ideal for the SILK range and all AFS front wing models.


Made from pre-preg Carbon, HM Carbon, and UHM (as applicable) in France, our stabilizers are both rigid and light. The entire manufacturing process, from machining the molds to shipping, is managed in-house, ensuring high quality and a guaranteed finish.

What's Included?

The stabilizer comes with a protective padded cover and a screw kit for mounting on the fuselage.


All AFS products come with a 2-year warranty (3 years for the Advanced range), subject to our fair usage policy

AFS Cruiser Stabiliser - Carbon
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