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We are delighted to introduce our latest addition to the AFS Wing lineup, the AFS DIAMOND.

Following the success of the AFS WILF wing in 2020 and the subsequent arrival of the WILD, the DIAMOND now takes its place in the AFS wing family. Meticulously crafted and rigorously tested for over a year by our AFS Pro rider and test team, with careful consideration of rider feedback, the DIAMOND embodies a culmination of successful experience, exceptional design, premium materials, and most importantly, responsiveness to your needs.

Product Advantages:

  • Tri Radial Cut
  • Efficient Flex Construction
  • Adaptive Design
  • Dynamic Stiff Handles
  • Kevlar Reinforcement

Versatile Performance: We've retained and enhanced the finest qualities of our wings, including performance, lightweight construction, stability, and compactness. Our designers have added a touch of brilliance with premium materials and a panel assembly technique that ensures improved load distribution and longevity. The DIAMOND is designed to delight wingfoil enthusiasts, offering unparalleled performance and ease of use in all conditions.

Choosing the Right Size: Select the ideal size based on your weight and the wind conditions:

Weight 10-25 knots
<65 kg 4m
65-70 kg 4m
70-75 kg 5m
75-80 kg 5m
80-85 kg 5m
85-90 kg 6m
>90 kg 6m

Key Features:

  • 4m: Span - 2.77 m, Weight - 2.2 kg
  • 5m: Span - 3.1 m, Weight - 2.6 kg
  • 6m: Span - 3.31 m, Weight - 3 kg

Handles: The 4m, 5m, and 6m wings are equipped with two handles for optimum control and maneuverability.

Durable Construction: Strategic Kevlar reinforcements are thoughtfully placed, particularly on the leading edge and wing extremities, ensuring long-lasting resilience and durability.

Materials Used:

  • Canopy: Triple Ripstop Techfiber 55g/m2 STW18, an advanced, highly durable material maintaining rigidity even in dynamic conditions.
  • Tubes/Struts: Dacron, Dimension Polyant (high-end brand) 175LL, resistant to elongation, increasing wing stiffness and durability.
  • Seam Protection Band inside the canopy enhances wing longevity.
  • Insignia strip at the leading edge improves overall wing profile support and consistency.
  • Hard PVC on the canopy ear and bottom of the central strut provides protection during inflation and onshore landings.

What's Included: The wing is sold complete with a transport bag, leash, repair kit, and harness line.

WILF VS DIAMOND? If you're torn between the two options:

  • The WILF is an excellent choice for beginners, offering ease and simplicity to start and progress in wing foiling.
  • The DIAMOND, with its increased stiffness and stability, caters to a wider range of conditions and suits riders who have moved beyond the beginner stage in wing foiling.

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