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AFS EVO Fuselage - Carbon

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AFS EVO Fuselage - Pre-Preg Carbon

Performance and Accessibility

The new Evo range, replacing the Performer range, retains the essential smoothness and accessibility for progress while enhancing speed and maneuverability for experienced riders. This fuselage is compatible with all AFS Fuselink Masts.


  • Smooth and Efficient Ride: Designed for optimal performance and stability.
  • Customizable Stabilizer Positions: Two positions (fore and aft) to suit rider preference.
  • Complete Compatibility: Works with all AFS Fuselink masts, Evo and Flyer 1500/1800 front foils, and all Tracer, Performer, Cruiser, PURE, and SILK stabilizers.
  • Enhanced Connections: New, super-strong and hydrodynamic M8 front foil and Fuselink mast connection, with M6 stab connection.


  • Overall Length: 680 mm
  • Construction: Monolithic HR Pre-Preg Carbon
  • Weight: TBA


  • Suitable For: Wing foil, Downwind, Surf Foil, SUP foil


Made from pre-preg Carbon, HM Carbon, and UHM (as applicable) in France, our fuselages are both rigid and light. We manage everything in-house, from machining the molds to shipping, ensuring top quality and a guaranteed finish.

What's Included?

The EVO Fuselage comes with a protective padded cover and a screw kit for mounting the front foil and stabilizer.


All AFS EVO products come with a 2-year warranty, subject to our fair usage policy

AFS EVO Fuselage - Carbon
  • £389.00