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Scalable pack suitable for all types of riders from beginner to pro!

Product information
The + product
" Scalable and versatile pack
" Thin wing for more glide
" Light and stiff foil
" French carbon construction
" Made up from our normal high quality Boards, Wing and Great Carbon Foils, but even more outstanding value as a package!

Which program for this pack?

This pack will suit both a new rider wishing to start Wing foiling just as much as an already experienced rider, wishing to take Wing foiling to the next level.

The Performer foil (1450, 1650, 1900 offered for the front foil with Performer RS260 stabiliser) brings glide by its finesse while remaining accessible to all, by also offering the largest front wing we offer in these super efficient front foils. Riding with an all carbon foil allows you to learn faster (lighter/stiffer foil and therefore faster take off), to have direct sensations with the added bonus of zero maintenance.

(In the UK, we recommend rinse with fresh water when you can and do lube the screws with Lithium Grease occasionally to keep everything working really well in our continually damp climate!)

AFS Alpha masts have been specially developed to optimise your performance, with the 85 offered in this pack, the favourite choice for many riders buying just the foils. If you are looking for more glide, more manoeuvrability while having light and rigid material, these masts are made for you!

The AFS Fly PVC Glass/Carbon Sandwich boards with 'TOMO' shape, provide stability and comfort with exceptional versatility and great performance.

The FIRE boards with a unique shape in PVC Carbon Sandwich construction with great rigidity and performance - The 5'5 model was the board Bruno chose to win Weymouth Speed Week, Oct. 2022 and set a New (unofficial, as timed with GPS) World Speed record over 500m at the same time!

The excellent reputation of the WILF is well established, being Light, Versatile, and very comfortable in a wide range of disciplines, making it suitable for all types of riders.
What combo?

Check to Tables of use, and Tech spec image in photos for full details..


Made of pre-preg carbon in France, the foil is rigid and light. With pre-preg fabrics, the carbon fibre is directly impregnated with epoxy resin during its manufacture. This guarantees a perfect ratio of epoxy and carbon, and represents the best quality process. Laser-cut, then assembled in a stack, the carbon fibres are then positioned in a mould that is mounted at high temperature, providing strength and durability. From the machining of the moulds to the shipment, everything is managed in our company in France allowing us to have a quality process and a guaranteed finish.

What's included?

The complete AFS Performer foil set is sold with a cover for each element (fuselage, mast, front foil and stabiliser). Additionally supplied is a padded case to protect and store the complete set . The front foil/fuselage - stabiliser/fuselage - fuselage/mast assembly screws are also supplied. The mounting screwdriver is included. The screws for fixing the foil to the board are also included.

The Fly boards (choice of 5'3 or 5'10) or Fire boards (choice of 4'9, 5'2, 5'5 or 5'8) are supplied bare (as normal), but all have footstrap mounts fitted as standard, with AFS straps available as an accessory.

In the UK, we include a Kai Sports Pro Coiled Board leash - Please let us know in the notes section of your order if you would like Ankle of Calf model, and what colour you would preffer?

WILF Wings (choice of 4m, 5m or 6m - PLease sellect the size you want) come with a nice quality carry bag, straight wrist leash, adjustable harness loop and emergency repair pack. The Inflation Valve fits the standard 20mm 'Mother' Bayonet connection which is common on many good quality pumps, so there are a large range of pumps which will fit, as well as our own AFS Ryde pump, which is an optional extra.

Recommended Inflation Pressure is 8PSI - (some wings may have 6 PSI maximum printed on them - this was a mistake and should read 8 PSI, which is perfectly safe, but should not be exceeded)


All AFS products come with a 2 year warranty, subject to our fair usage policy.

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  • Fly 5'3" - 95L / 4m2 - £2,799.00
  • Fly 5'3" - 95L / 5m2 - £2,799.00
  • Fly 5'3" - 95L / 6m2 - £2,799.00
  • Fly 5'10" - 102L / 4m2 - £2,799.00
  • Fly 5'10" - 102L / 5m2 - £2,799.00
  • Fly 5'10" - 102L / 6m2 - £2,799.00
  • Fire 4'9" - 70L / 4m2 - £2,799.00
  • Fire 4'9" - 70L / 5m2 - £2,799.00
  • Fire 4'9" - 70L / 6m2 - £2,799.00
  • Fire 5'2" - 80L / 4m2 - £2,799.00
  • Fire 5'2" - 80L / 5m2 - £2,799.00
  • Fire 5'2" - 80L / 6m2 - £2,799.00
  • Fire 5'5" - 90L / 4m2 - £2,799.00
  • Fire 5'5" - 90L / 5m2 - £2,799.00
  • Fire 5'5" - 90L / 6m2 - £2,799.00
  • Fire 5'8" - 110L / 4m2 - £2,799.00
  • Fire 5'8" - 110L / 5m2 - £2,799.00
  • Fire 5'8" - 110L / 6m2 - £2,799.00