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Introducing the AFS Fire, meticulously crafted for riders seeking an exhilarating and dynamic board that adapts effortlessly to a wide range of disciplines, including freeride, freestyle, downwind, racing, and more.

Experience Unbridled Freedom in Flight: The AFS FIRE boasts a compact hull design with a slightly thicker profile, straight rails, and reduced width, all meticulously designed to minimize bulk during flight. This compactness significantly enhances pumping efficiency and enables agile dynamic maneuvers.

Rapid Take-Off: The AFS FIRE's hull features a sleek outline with longitudinal straight rails and a double concave design combined with a bulb on the front underside. This clever configuration optimizes nose support, resulting in smoother glide and quicker take-offs. Towards the stern, the AFS FIRE incorporates intricate cut-outs tailored to each hull size, effectively reducing the board's wet surface as speed increases. These cut-outs empower the board to achieve swift and effortless take-offs.

Instant Recovery: Thanks to its taut outline, these boards exhibit remarkable dynamism, precision, and responsiveness while remaining incredibly user-friendly. The combination of the nose profile with straight rails and pronounced cut-outs ensures not only early take-off and impressive speed but also provides the advantage of swift touch-and-go recoveries in the event of unintended touch-downs, sparing you from cumbersome recoveries or crashes.

Varied Board Sizes: The AFS Fire offers versatility with four size options: 4'9, 5'2, 5'5, and 5'8, all featuring a 'Y' configuration of footstrap mounts and our plush EVA deck with a generously-sized heel kicker.

Package Details: The board is ready for immediate use but does not include Footstraps/screws, Bag, and Leash, which can be purchased separately.

Pressure Vent Screw Note: Please remember to correctly utilize the pressure vent screw (Breather Screw). Tighten it before heading into the water and loosen it at least half to a full turn after your session. Properly maintaining this screw is vital to ensuring the board can accommodate pressure variations caused by temperature, radiant heat, and altitude. Our meticulously engineered Aluminium Breather Screw is the most reliable method to prevent potential damage due to internal pressure. If you don't have a large flat blade screwdriver, a 20p coin works well for tightening and loosening this screw without causing any damage. When using the 20p method, ensure it's tightly closed to ensure a proper 'O' ring seal.


Warranty: All AFS products are backed by a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase, subject to our fair usage policy, ensuring your peace of mind and the longevity of your investment.

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  • 4'9" - £935.00
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  • 5'5" - £935.00
  • 5'8" - £935.00