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AFS FLY - FOIL BOARD 2023/2024

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Introducing a board that strikes the perfect balance between performance and accessibility.

This dedicated foil board is engineered to deliver uncompromising performance while remaining highly accessible and reliable.

Key Product Advantages:

  • Concave Deck: Enhances control and stability.
  • Innovative Tail Shape: Optimizes performance. Fast Take off
  • Touch Down Tolerance: Ensures smooth landings.
  • One Shoot Sandwich PVC Construction: Combines durability and lightweight design.

Versatile Program for the AFS Fly: The AFS Fly represents a versatile and comfortable range of boards. Its volume distribution is expertly optimized and balanced to offer the best possible performance-to-accessibility ratio. The nose bulb design provides forgiveness during take-off and soft landings from jumps. It combines generous volume where needed for forgiveness with reduced volume where possible to maximize feel and precision.

Robust Construction: The AFS Fly is meticulously crafted on a PVC sandwich base, starting from just 6.1 kg. We employ a unique manufacturing process that involves the application of all fabric layers, reinforcements, and casings in a double-shell mold. These components are then baked, ensuring ideal resin polymerization for flawless replication and an optimal weight-to-strength ratio. Notably, the resin used in our board construction is a bio-sourced epoxy SR GreenPoxy, with over 33% of its molecules derived from plant sources.

What's Included: Please note that the AFS Fly is sold as a bare board, allowing riders to customize their setup according to their preferences and needs.

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AFS FLY - FOIL BOARD 2023/2024
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