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Introducing the Ultimate Wave Riding Foil: Silk Foil

Silk Foil is the pinnacle of wave-riding innovation, offering an ideal fusion of glide, maneuverability, and control. It allows you to navigate even the smallest waves with surgical precision and effortlessly ride to the peak. Available starting in June, the Silk Foil promises a smooth and exhilarating experience.

Key Features of Silk Foil:

  • Smooth as Silk: Crafted for a seamless and dynamic ride.
  • Monobloc Structure: Engineered for durability and performance.
  • Ultra-Thin Profile: A design that optimizes hydrodynamics.
  • UHM Carbon Construction: Utilizing Ultra High Modulus carbon for a superb balance of strength and lightness.
  • Made in France: Crafted with precision and care in France.

Which Program is Silk Foil Designed For? Silk Foil is tailored for uncompromising wave-riding enthusiasts. It's specifically engineered to elevate the performance of experienced prone foilers, delivering exceptional glide that also excels in the realm of wingsurfing within the waves.

Choose Your Silk Foil:

  • Silk 650: Perfect for very advanced prone foil riders and very lightweight riders. Ideal for powerful waves and excellent for wave riding wing foiling. Also suitable for kitefoil wave and tow-in surfing.
  • Silk 850: Designed for excellent prone foilers and intermediate wind and wave conditions in wing foiling. Can also be utilized as a freewave kite foil.
  • Silk 1050: Tailored for proficient riders seeking exceptional performance in lighter conditions for prone foil and wingsurfing.


  • Silk 650: Surface (cm2): 650, Wingspan (mm): 720, Aspect Ratio: 8, Chord: 115 mm, Thickness: 13.7 mm, Construction: UHM Carbon.
  • Silk 850: Surface (cm2): 850, Wingspan (mm): 824, Aspect Ratio: 8, Chord: 134 mm, Thickness: 16 mm, Construction: UHM Carbon.
  • Silk 1050: Surface (cm2): 1050, Wingspan (mm): 916, Aspect Ratio: 8, Chord: 150 mm, Thickness: 17.9 mm, Construction: UHM Carbon.

Choose the Stabilizer for Your Silk Foil:

  • Stab 132: Compatible with Silk 650, Surface (cm2): 132, Wingspan (mm): 300, Construction: UHM Carbon.
  • Stab 142: Compatible with Silk 850, Surface (cm2): 142, Wingspan (mm): 320, Construction: UHM Carbon.
  • Stab 152: Compatible with Silk 1050, Surface (cm2): 152, Wingspan (mm): 340, Construction: UHM Carbon.

Customized Carbon Mast: Silk Foils come equipped with a specialized carbon mast tailored to the needs of wave riding. Please note that they are not compatible with Performer masts.

High-Quality Construction: Silk Foils utilize Ultra High Modulus carbon construction, optimizing the foil's section while providing a blend of strength, stiffness, and lightweight performance.

What's Included? When you choose SILK foils, you receive a complete package that comprises a full protective cover, an 80cm Silk Mast, Front wing, stabilizer (as per your choice), screws, and fuselage. This comprehensive package ensures you have everything you need for your wave-riding adventures.

  • 650 Front wing - 80cm Mast - 132 Stab - £2,217.00
  • 850 Front wing - 80cm Mast - 142 Stab - £2,237.00
  • 1050 Front wing - 80cm Mast - 152 Stab - £2,257.00