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AFS Whitebird Foil Board

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Introducing the Whitebird: Pioneering Downwind Hydrofoiling

Continuing the Legacy of Downwind Excellence

Renowned for its unparalleled performance and adaptability, the Blackbird, a trailblazer in the downwind realm under the AFS Advanced brand, has captured the hearts of windsurfers globally. Drawing inspiration directly from the Blackbird, the Whitebird emerges as a lightweight, high-performance downwind board, catering to enthusiasts of downwind, sup foil, and sup foil downwind sessions alike.

Harnessing the Power of Gentle Breezes

Crafted with a focus on lightweight design and optimal volume distribution, the Whitebird excels in conditions of light wind, enabling effortless gliding atop tranquil waters and effortlessly capturing even the subtlest swells. Whether you're a seasoned downwind aficionado or a newcomer eager to venture into uncharted waters, the Whitebird stands as your ideal companion.

Seamless Gliding, Effortless Swell Navigation

Available in two size variants, the Whitebird strikes a harmonious balance between stability and agility, ensuring a smooth journey for windsurfers of all skill levels. Its meticulously calculated volume distribution guarantees effortless gliding and precise swell navigation, ensuring a delightful experience in any downwind scenario.

Embrace Diverse Adventures

Beyond its prowess as a downwind board, the Whitebird beckons adventurers to explore new realms and expand their horizons. With its versatility, it seamlessly transitions into sup foil and sup foil downwind sessions, enabling enthusiasts to elevate their downwind escapades to unprecedented heights.

Your Trusted Companion for Downwind Mastery

Be it the adrenaline rush of downwind racing, the tranquility of downwind cruising, or the thrill of sup foiling, the Whitebird stands as your steadfast ally. Boasting a lightweight build, cutting-edge design, and user-friendly characteristics, the Whitebird is poised to revolutionize your downwind experiences.

Join the Downwind Revolution

Become part of the ever-growing community of windsurfers who have embraced the Whitebird as their go-to downwind board. Discover the unmatched performance, adaptability, and user-friendliness that the Whitebird has to offer.

Don't miss out—secure your Whitebird today and unlock the full potential of your downwind adventures!

Length/Width Volume Weight
5'8/172.7cm x 20"/50.8cm 80lt ?kg
6'6/198cm x 21"/53.34cm 100lt 6.0kg
6'8/203.2cm x 23"/58.42cm 115lt 6.5kg
7'8/233.7cm x 22"/55.88cm 130lt -
8'2/248.9cm x 23"/58.42cm 145lt ?kg

AFS Whitebird Foil Board
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  • pre-order 8'2" - £1,649.00