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Aquatone Echo 125L Wing Foil Package

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In 2023, Aquatone is making its debut in the world of foiling with the exciting introduction of the Foil collection. This innovative line is specifically designed for those eager to embark on their Wing Foiling journey. The inflatable hybrid foil board will quickly transform you into a passionate winger. For all the adventurous souls out there, the Aquatone Foil collection reflects the bold spirit of exploration.


BOARD DESIGN The Echo 5'8" board introduces a reliable and versatile shape suitable for riders of all levels. This moderate 5'8" board features an extra-wide deck, making it an excellent choice for wing foiling. It offers various volumes to accommodate riders of different skill levels. The compact board shape is well-balanced and provides an easy entry for riders onto the water.

DOUBLE LAYER FUSION MATERIAL We employ our signature Double Layer Fusion material technology to ensure top-notch performance and easy packing. The result is remarkable stiffness that can easily handle the demands of foiling.

ADDITIONAL VOLUME With its ideal dimensions of 5'8" in length and 29" in width, coupled with an air construction, the Echo provides an exceptionally stable flight. The wide deck facilitates straightforward starts and safe landings.

FOOTSTRAP VARIETY You have the flexibility of choosing from multiple footstrap options, making it easy to customize your setup to perfectly match your preferences.

ENHANCED COMFORT Enjoy a comfortable riding experience with the integrated deep-groove foam deck that includes a kick pad for effortless handling.

FOIL MOUNTING Our specially crafted and molded foil mount is a waterproof box designed for Aquatone inflatable boards, serving as the connection point between the

Aztron Wing Highlights:

• Featherweight, reinforced wing fabric for reduced weight

• Enhanced powerful profile and increased low-end power

• Spacious window panel for maximum safety and visibility

• Enhanced wingspan with lightweight materials for improved performance

• Ergonomically designed strut for superior handling

• Three convenient grab handles for easy maneuvering

• Dual-valve system for efficient inflation and deflation

• Compact gear bag and included wing wrist leash for added convenience

Aztron Rocket Foil Highlights

  • Complete 1650/2000 package
  • Front and rear wings crafted from robust and lightweight pre-preg carbon
  • Standard aluminum mast that allows for easy upgrades
  • Impressive gliding ability and early lift
  • Mast Length: 70cm
  • Fuselage Length: 72cm
  • Tail Wing Area: 450cm²
  • Front Wing Area: 1650/2000cm²

Aztron employs the highest-grade pre-preg carbon fiber in the design of these wings, ensuring exceptional strength and performance. The pre-preg process guarantees an ideal carbon-to-epoxy ratio, providing maximum speed and control.

The Fuselage system creates a direct and rigid connection between the fuselage and wings, effectively minimizing movement in all directions. It utilizes a twin US box connection for added versatility.


Aztron offers a 1-year UK warranty, ensuring peace of mind for your investment.

Aquatone Echo 125L Wing Foil Package
  • 125L/1650 Foil/5m Wing - £1,149.00
  • 125L/2000 Foi/5m Wing - £1,149.00
  • 125L/1650 Foil/4m Aim Wing - £1,349.00
  • 125L/1650 Foil/5m Aim Wing - £1,399.00
  • 125L/1650 Foil/6m Aim Wing - £1,449.00
  • 125L/2000 Foil/4m Aim Wing - £1,349.00
  • 125L/2000 Foil/5m Aim Wing - £1,399.00
  • 125L/2000 Foil/6m Aim Wing - £1,449.00