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Aquatone ECHO 5'8" Foil Board

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Streamlined Board Design

The ECHO 5'8" introduces a reliable board shape catering to a diverse range of riders. The 5'8" model, featuring an extra-wide deck, is well-suited for wing foiling, offering various volumes to accommodate riders of different skill levels. This compact board shape strikes a harmonious balance and makes it easy for riders to hit the water.

Advanced Double Layer Fusion Material

Our state-of-the-art Double Layer Fusion material technology ensures optimal performance and hassle-free packing. The outcome is remarkable stiffness, more than capable of handling the demands of foiling with ease.

Ample Volume

With dimensions finely tuned at 5'8" and 29", coupled with air construction, the ECHO delivers an exceptionally stable flight experience. The wide deck facilitates easy starts and secure touch-downs.

Versatile Footstrap Options

Multiple footstrap options allow for easy customization, ensuring a perfect fit for your personal preferences.

Comfortable Riding Experience

The integrated deep-grooving foam deck, complete with a kick pad, enhances handling and provides a comfortable riding experience.

Efficient Foil Mount

Our custom-molded foil mount, a waterproof box for Aquatone inflatable boards, seamlessly connects the deck with the hull. This integrated construction establishes a rigid connection between your feet and the foil, accommodating both US twin tracks and Tuttle system setups.

Designed specifically for those looking to take up Wing Foiling, this inflatable hybrid foil board promises to quickly turn you into a passionate winger. Adventure seekers, look no further than the Aquatone Foil collection to fulfill your daring spirit.


5'8" / 172cm


29" / 73 cm


4.75" / 12 cm


125 l




5.9 kg / 13 cm


50-95 kg /110-209 lbs


<120 kg / 264 lbs


Aquatone ECHO 5'8" Foil Board
  • £459.00