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Aquatone Wave All-round 10'6 iSUP

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  • Length: 10'6" (320 cm)
  • Width: 32" (81 cm)
  • Thickness: 6" (15 cm)
  • Volume: 300 liters
  • Weight: 9 kg

The WAVE collection is the top choice for all water conditions. For the 2022 season, Aquatone celebrates this collection with fresh, seasonal graphics. The WAVE model, an all-time classic all-round inflatable SUP, sets the benchmark with stunning performance and ultimate flexibility. Its 10'6" length is the standard size in our all-round range, featuring the most popular SUP shape, extra width, and generous thickness. This design makes the WAVE model easy to glide and very forgiving.

Key Features:

  • STRINGER TECH: The WAVE collection features a 13 cm wide reinforced PVC stringer along the top and bottom centerline, significantly increasing board stiffness compared to regular single-layer air SUPs. Combined with a double-layered rail construction and premium drop-stitch core, this makes the boards stiff, durable, and easy to handle even in windy and choppy waters.

  • HIGH-PRESSURE VALVE: Customized for Aquatone Air SUPs, the high-pressure air valve ensures maximum board stiffness and rider safety. The maximum air pressure for this board is 15 PSI. Overinflating can cause damage.

  • D-RINGS AND OPTIONAL KAYAK SEAT: The WAVE collection includes a 2+4+1 D-ring design, with two extra D-ring connectors on the middle of the deck for easy kayak seat attachment. (Kayak seat is optional.)

  • GENEROUS BOARD THICKNESS: The 6" (15 cm) thickness provides enough volume and great stability, offering an extremely comfortable ride, especially for beginners.

  • CENTER GRAB HANDLE: Built with soft neoprene and a rubber pad, the center grab handle offers strength and a comfortable carrying experience.

  • SOFT EVA FOOTPAD: The WAVE collection features a 4 mm thick diamond-patterned soft EVA traction pad for excellent grip. The sectional design ensures easy folding and packaging, with "WAVE" graphics for outstanding visual impact.

  • ADJUSTABLE BUNGEE CORDS: Integrated D-ring connectors with adjustable bungee cords are located in the tail of the traction pad for easy access and gear storage, providing more space for paddling.

  • PUSH-IN FIN DESIGN: The single 9-inch push-in center fin setup is built with reinforced nylon and a customized fin base. The unique fin base includes an extra grooved bottom to securely lock the fin in place.

  • What you get with your package ?

    • SUP Bag
    • Leash
    • Fin(s)
    • 3 - Part Aluminium Paddle
    • Dual Action Pump
Aquatone Wave All-round 10'6 iSUP
  • £299.00