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Armstrong A Wing XPS

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Unleash next-generation performance, power, and control across all riding styles with the A-Wing XPS. Available in sizes ranging from 2.6 to 6.1m2, this wing is engineered to deliver exceptional performance, whether you're into free flying, wave riding, or freestyle maneuvers. We assembled a team of the world's leading wing and kite designers to elevate the A-Wing XPS to new heights, meticulously crafting each aspect to perfection through extensive testing in a variety of riding conditions.

The A-Wing XPS features an innovative Cross Panel Sail (XPS) design that revolutionizes the riding experience. This futuristic panel layout minimizes sail distortion by enhancing load distribution and frame rigidity, resulting in a direct and controlled feel for effortless and comfortable flying. Removable carbon fiber battens reduce trailing edge flutter, allowing easy canopy tuning for different wind strengths.

The XPS's airfoil section, combined with pre-twist tip geometry, ensures incredible speed and sublime upwind performance. This design enhances jump amplitude for freestyle maneuvers, providing ample hang time and float for smooth landings. Wave riders will find the A-Wing XPS to be a dream, with minimal luffing or sail flutter, and excellent stability, allowing riders to focus on shredding the waves.

The newly developed Hybrid Carbon Handle (HCH) design offers a perfect balance of control, comfort, and safety. With a rigid carbon interior skeleton and a soft padded exterior, the handle enhances your grip and overall riding experience.

During the XPS's development, we rigorously tested a myriad of materials, settling on a combination of new-generation lightweight Dacron, tried-and-tested polyester Dacron, and Ultra PE woven laminate for key reinforcements. This meticulous material selection results in impressive strength-to-weight ratio, durability, and overall performance.

Design Collaboration: A Testimony

Our company, with over 20 years of experience in water sports equipment design, joined forces with Armstrong to contribute our expertise to their dedicated wing design team. The collaboration began with a deep dive into Armstrong's brand philosophy, followed by an exploration of design possibilities in an environment free from constraints. The Armstrong team's tight connections with the sailing world, particularly the America's Cup NZ team, added a unique perspective, pushing us to rethink and redesign even elements we thought were perfected.

The design journey involved countless hours, iterations, and emotional highs and lows. However, the meticulous process and collaboration with the Armstrong team resulted in a wing that exceeded expectations. We handed over our insights to the production team, ensuring high-level quality control to bring the envisioned product to riders worldwide.


  • 2.6, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.6, 5.3, 6.1m2

Package: The A-Wing XPS includes a carry bag, wrist leash, extra battens, and a patch kit.

Wing Span:

  • 3.5m: 2776mm
  • 4.0m: 2955mm
  • 4.6m: 3062mm
  • 5.3m: 3193mm
  • 6.1m: 3380mm

Extra Info:

Armstrong A Wing XPS
  • 2.6 - £839.00
  • 3.0 - £859.00
  • 3.5 - £879.00
  • 4.0 - £899.00
  • 4.6 - £939.00
  • 5.3 - £969.00
  • 6.1 - £999.00