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Armstrong A-Wing XPS Lightwind

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Revolutionizing Lightwind Wing Performance

Sizes: 7.0m | 8.0m

The Armstrong XPS Lightwind Wing is a game-changer in lightwind conditions, delivering exceptional performance even in the gentlest breezes. Its impressive wind range ensures you can make the most of every session, regardless of the forecast.

The A-Wing XPS Lightwind: A New Standard for Lightwind Fun

Designed to push your skills to the next level, the A-Wing XPS Lightwind excels in maneuverability and balance. It's not just a big wing; it’s agile, engaging, and remarkably easy to handle, setting a new benchmark for lightwind enjoyment.

Power Batten: The Secret Weapon

A common challenge with large wings is maintaining their shape while riding. Armstrong’s patent-pending carbon fiber Power Batten addresses this by ensuring a precise airfoil profile from leading to trailing edge. Positioned at the rear of the canopy perpendicular to the strut, this innovation enhances power generation and improves balance, making the wing feel smaller and easier to pump onto foil.

Cross Panel Sail Design: Innovation in Every Panel

The Cross Panel Sail (XPS) design provides an unparalleled connected feel while riding. By arranging the canopy panels diagonally, this design reduces sail distortion and enhances load distribution and frame rigidity. This results in a direct and controlled feel, with removable carbon fiber battens minimizing trailing edge flutter and allowing easy canopy tuning for varying wind strengths.

Airframe and Canopy: Built for Performance

Weight and stiffness are crucial for lightwind wings. The XPS Lightwind features a leading edge made from advanced lightweight Dacron, reinforced with Ultra PE woven laminate for exceptional torsional stiffness and durability. The Teijin Technoforce D3 canopy material is both light and strong, perfectly complementing the Cross Panel Sail Design. Ultra-clear TPU canopy windows add minimal weight and provide excellent visibility.

Get a Grip: Comfort Through Innovation

The proprietary Hybrid Carbon Handle (HCH) design features a rigid carbon interior and a soft padded exterior, offering a perfect balance of control and comfort. Ergonomically positioned handles on the strut boost endurance, and the lack of hard edges enhances impact safety for both you and your board.


  • Airframe: High-quality lightweight Dacron, polyester Dacron, and Ultra PE woven laminate reinforcements for lightness and stiffness.
  • Cross Panel Sail Design Canopy: Boosts canopy tension and load distribution for a direct feel. Made with Teijin Technoforce D3 material.
  • Power Batten: Enhances wing performance with a patent-pending carbon fiber bar. Features extended UPE reinforcement and double-layer UPE end pockets. Replaceable.
  • Trailing Edge Battens: Carbon fiber battens minimize flutter and are removable for tuning.
  • Hybrid Carbon Handles: Rigid carbon skeleton with a soft, padded exterior for comfort and control.
  • Windows: Ultra-clear, lightweight TPU windows that are foldable and cold-resistant.



  • Wind range: 7-15kts
  • Area: 7.0m²
  • Span: 357.5cm
  • Weight: 2.9kg
  • Max PSI: 6


  • Wind range: 4-10kts
  • Area: 8.0m²
  • Span: 374.4cm
  • Weight: 3.2kg
  • Max PSI: 6

Package Includes:

  • Bag
  • Spare battens
  • Patch kit

Experience the future of lightwind performance with the Armstrong XPS Lightwind Wing. Get ready to redefine your limits on the water!

Armstrong A-Wing XPS Lightwind
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