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Armstrong CF950 V2 Wing Foil Kit

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Experience Maximum Carving Fun

The CF950 epitomizes stellar maneuverability, tailored for carving turns, surfing waves, or pushing the limits of wake and kite foiling.

Crafted for rapid rail-to-rail response, it ensures impressive grip and seamless flow through the most demanding foil surfing turns.

Its ultra-compact outline facilitates progressive pop and gentle landings for aerial wake foiling adventures.

With an extended speed range and exceptional maneuverability, it's the perfect companion for kite foiling enthusiasts.


WING: Suitable for advanced riders in various conditions, from pumping to pumping+.

PRONE SURF: Recommended for advanced riders in medium to pumping conditions.

WAKE: Ideal for beginner riders up to 64kg (141lb), and suitable for advanced riders of all weights.

KITE: Tailored for riders weighing 65-89kg (141-196lb).

SUP: Suitable for riders of all weights in pumping conditions.

BEGINNERS: Combine with TC70 fuselage and CF300 stabilizer.

INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED: Pair with TC60 fuselage and HS232 or HA195 stabilizers.

*Please note: Recommendations serve as general guidelines. Rider experience may vary depending on components and conditions.


AREA: 950sq/cm


WEIGHT: 950gr

AR: 5

Stability Breeds Confidence

A stable and predictable foil fosters easier and safer progression. Whether you're a novice or an advanced rider, this range offers a size tailored to your needs.

Extended Flight Time

The CF V2's forgiving low-speed handling ensures the foil remains airborne effortlessly, allowing you to focus on perfecting maneuvers, from your first gybes to mastering backflips.

Empowering You to Push Limits

Designed to instill confidence, this foil range empowers intermediate and advanced riders to explore new realms, whether under a wing, behind a boat, or atop a wave.

Future-Proof System

Ranging from 950 to 2050sq/cm, the CFv2 series caters to a wide spectrum of rider levels, weights, and foiling disciplines. As your skills and preferences evolve, the modular Armstrong A+ System offers component choices to align with your progression.

Armstrong CF950 V2 Wing Foil Kit
  • 72cm Plate / TC 60cm A+ / CF 300 V2 - £1,775.00
  • 72cm Plate / TC 60cm A+ / HS232 V2 - £1,775.00
  • 72cm Plate / TC 70cm A+ / CF 300 V2 - £1,775.00
  • 72cm Plate / TC 70cm A+ / HS232 V2 - £1,775.00
  • 85cm Plate / TC 60cm A+ / CF 300 V2 - £1,864.00
  • 85cm Plate / TC 60cm A+ / HS232 V2 - £1,864.00
  • 85cm Plate / TC 70cm A+ / CF 300 V2 - £1,864.00
  • 85cm Plate / TC 70cm A+ / HS232 V2 - £1,864.00