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Armstrong HA - Front Foil Range (High Aspect)

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Introducing the Armstrong HA (High Aspect) range, the epitome of foiling excellence, offering versatility across seven sizes: 580, 680, 780, 880, 980, 1080, and 1180. 

Crafted to redefine foiling experiences, the Armstrong Front Wing range seamlessly blends rippability, effortless pumping, and limitless glide, expanding horizons for intermediate to expert surfers, downwinders, and wing foilers alike.

The HA series boasts a unique section shape, outline, and profile, delivering a harmonious fusion of performance attributes. Its ability to carve gracefully while maintaining elevation in the power zone elevates riding potential to new heights.

Each wing's foil section is meticulously calibrated along the wingspan, amplifying gliding efficiency and ensuring consistent lift at various angles and speeds. This design ethos ensures riders stay elevated in the power zone, enjoying unparalleled carving sensations for boundless wave riding satisfaction.

Key Features:

  • High Aspect Ratio: Ranging from 9.63 to 9.8 AR across all sizes.
  • Evolution Section Shape: Fine-tuned for optimized water flow dynamics.
  • Flat Profile: Enables responsive carving, even with wider wingspans.
  • Toray Carbon Fiber Construction: Utilizing high and intermediate modulus carbon fiber for unparalleled strength, stiffness, and lightweight properties.
  • Armstrong A+ System: Offers unmatched stiffness, durability, and modularity for superior performance.

Each front wing is engineered to turn elegantly, staying in sync with the wave for seamless transitions between swells. Exceptional lift enables riders to downsize by one full size from previous HA foils, enhancing carving ability and speed range while maintaining ease at the low end.

Performance Pedigree: Meticulously crafted to elevate waterborne enjoyment, catering to the demands of intermediate to expert riders with exceptional precision.

Top-tier Constructions: Designed for progression, utilizing industry-leading manufacturing techniques to ensure peak performance and durability.

HA Series Specifications:

Size Area Span AR Weight
HA 580 580cm2 TBC TBC TBC
HA 680 680cm2 818mm 9.80 TBC
HA 780 780cm2 870mm 9.70 TBC
HA 880 880cm2 923mm 9.68 TBC
HA 980 980cm2 974mm 9.68 TBC
HA 1080 1080cm2 1020mm 9.63 TBC
HA 1180 1180cm2 1066mm 9.63 TBC
Armstrong HA - Front Foil Range (High Aspect)
  • HA580 Foil - £669.00
  • HA680 Foil - £699.00
  • HA780 Foil - £729.00
  • HA880 Foil - £759.00
  • HA980 Foil - £789.00
  • HA1080 Foil - £819.00
  • HA1180 Foil - £849.00