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Armstrong Midlength FG Foilboard

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Drawing inspiration from the past, tailored for the future.

The Midlength isn't just a board; it's a philosophy. It embodies the unconventional idea that in a world overflowing with choices, simplicity can be the most inspiring path. True to its surf-inspired roots, the new Midlength board range reimagines the art of foiling, offering versatility and performance in equal measure. It's your secret weapon, your session savior—a fast-paddling, high-flying booster that empowers you to redefine your ride. The choice is yours.

Available in five sizes ranging from 5’1 (45L) to 6’5 (85L).

Finding the Perfect Balance:

A harmonious fusion of features, the Midlength bridges the gap between our Prone, Wing, and Downwind boards. It's your go-to option for small or light days, offering excellent paddle power and effortless release to get you soaring. Its speed and efficiency are equally adept at boosting your confidence in larger surf; paddling like a dream chaser that effortlessly transforms into your shortboard once airborne. Forget about agonizing over the perfect board—just hit the water and let the Midlength do the rest.

Crafted for Optimal Performance:

From the Drawing Board:

  • Outline: A sleek, pointed nose, gradual midsection taper, and streamlined tail create an efficient glider for prone paddling in any surf conditions. This translates seamlessly to winging, where the Midlength shines as a light wind powerhouse.
  • Rocker and Rails: Progressive rocker and meticulously designed rails ensure agility in the pocket and smooth touchdown recovery, while tail kick enhances pumping and launch stability. Soft rails up front transition into harder lines out the back for efficient flow and balanced on-water tracking and responsiveness.
  • Bottom: Borrowing from our Downwind boards, a subtle double concave at the nose transitions to a flat section at the foil tracks, culminating in a diamond-V tail shape for quick lift-off and maximum stability upon touchdown.

Enhanced Grip, Control, and Soul:

The Midlength's deck grip is meticulously crafted to provide maximum control and comfort across different foil sports. Raised arch bars and elevated wedges offer intuitive foot placement for soulful carving or creative winging.

Proven Construction:

Maximum structural rigidity ensures a sublime feel underfoot. The ultra-stiff double skin carbon PVC sandwich, combined with Armstrong’s dual i-beam stringers, provides unparalleled structural rigidity and durability. Proprietary carbon fibre foil tracks are seamlessly integrated for maximum performance.

Additional Details:

  • Surfboard-Inspired Outline: Balances stability with efficient glide, drawing inspiration from midlength surfboards.
  • Downwind-Inspired Bottom Contours: Features a subtle double concave to flat transition at the foil tracks with a diamond-V tail shape.
  • Split Foredeck: Raised central portion ahead of the pad helps shed water quickly.
  • Footstrap Inserts: PVC inserts for self-tapping screws, optimized for V-strap front footstrap.
  • Vent: Allows the board to breathe and maintain structural integrity in various temperatures.
  • Raised Deck Wedges and Arch Bars: Provides intuitive foot placement with extra grip for waveriding or winging.
  • Forward Geometry Foil Track: Our proprietary track system fast-tracks your progression and is compatible with any foil brand.
  • Carbon Foil Tracks: Industry-leading durability ensures long-lasting performance.
  • Dual Carbon Stringer System: Provides maximum rigidity for a sublime feel underfoot.


  • 45L: 5’1 / 155cm x 17” / 43cm x 3 ¾” / 9.5cm
  • 55L: 5’5 / 165cm x 18” / 45.7cm x 4 1/8” / 10.5cm
  • 65L: 5’9 / 175cm x 19” / 48.3cm x 4 1/2” / 11.4cm
  • 75L: 6’1 / 185.5cm x 20” / 50.8cm x 4 5/8” / 11.7cm
  • 85L: 6’5 / 195.5cm x 20 ¾” / 52.7cm x 4 7/8” / 12.4cm

Package: Includes board bag.


Armstrong Midlength FG Foilboard
  • 45L - £1,559.00
  • 55L - £1,659.00
  • 65L - £1,759.00
  • 75L - £1,849.00
  • 85L - £1,939.00