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Axis Froth - Carbon Foilboard

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The Axis Froth is famous for its perfect balance between performance, early lift and ease of ride making it a brilliantly stable platform that packs plenty of volume into a short length to reduce swing weight and increase your fun while SUP or wingfoiling.
Axis' latest iteration of the Froth retains these key traits that have made it so popular while providing refinements in its design that reflect the movement towards the higher aspect, and lower drag foil designs that require more speed to lift off.
Axis has eliminated the angled cut-away on the tail. This increases the length of the planing surface to increase sub-foiling speed potential. Axis has also included a new deck concave that improves leverage when initiating turns while remaining stable and safe when foiling without foot straps. Noticeably, the new design includes a more rounded nose in comparison to previous iterations to help to reduce the chances of catching rougher water. In addition, the nose includes added volume to maintain a balance in its buoyancy which helps to give you added stability when kneeling or bracing yourself to get up on the board.
Offering an impressive range of sizes unique to Axis ensures that you'll get the right board that perfectly caters to you. 
The Froth board sizes range from 4'4" / 45L to 6'8" / 160L. 

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Axis Froth - Carbon Foilboard
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