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 The AXIS PNG 1150, along with the 1300, 1010, 910, 910B, and 850, constitutes our Pump and Glide wing family.

The Pump and Glide wings are purpose-built for ease of use and early lift relative to their size. They offer exceptional control and comfort, catering to riders across various skill levels. Our Glide wings are known for their incredible pumping capabilities and seamless, endless gliding. While they are fast, their primary focus is not to be the fastest wing on the market. Instead, they aim to be the most accessible high-aspect wing that virtually anyone can ride and promptly enhance their skill level.

Package Includes: Front Wing and Wing Cover


  • 1300, 1150, 1010, and 910 are usable on Axis Red Fuselage.
  • 910B and 850 are usable on Axis Black Fuselage.

Certainly, here are the specifications in a table format:

Foil 1300  1150  1010  910  910B  850 
Wingspan (mm) 1300 1150 1010 910 910 850
Chord (mm) 180 180 170 160 160 150
Surface area (cm²) 1712 1778 1430 1267 1267 1102


Devon, a renowned foil enthusiast in the United States, also known as @WakeThief, conducted extensive trials with over 30 different hydrofoils. After rigorous testing, he unequivocally hailed the AXIS PNG 1150 front wing as the ultimate choice for pumping and wake foiling. Its expansive surface area and distinctive high-camber foil shape allow riders to effortlessly lift off at low speeds. Furthermore, the high-aspect, low-drag design enables exceptional gliding, even for larger riders. In fact, pump sessions lasting over five minutes have been achieved with this remarkable wing!

After countless hours of experimentation, Devon settled on the 750mm x 19mm mast, a short fuselage, and the 460/60 Pump range rear wing as the perfect complements to his PNG 1150. This meticulously chosen combination empowers Devon to execute dock starts and skillfully pump through the lake, seamlessly connecting multiple boat wakes, resulting in an endless and thrilling lake surfing experience.

When this setup is paired with a shorter, low-volume board, the energy required for foil pumping is significantly reduced. This is because shorter, lighter boards experience less inertia, making the pumping process notably more efficient.


  • PNG 850 - £585.00
  • PNG 910 - Enquire Now - £605.00
  • PNG 910B - Enquire Now - £605.00
  • PNG 1010 - £625.00
  • PNG 1150 - Enquire Now - £700.00
  • PNG 1300 - Enquire Now - £765.00
  • PNG 1310 - £815.00