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Two Bare Feet

Two Bare Feet 20psi Electric iSUP Pump & 12V Powerbank Package

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Get your paddleboard, kayak or inflatables up and running in no time, in any location with this combination of a high pressure electric 12V SUP pump and 12V Powerbank. 

The pump is designed to take the hard work out of inflating your SUP or other watersports inflatables and when paired with our Powerbank, allow you to do it anywhere. No need to inflate at your car or at your home - simply hook the two together via the 12V input and set them to work on the beach. 


  • 20 psi max pressure
  • 350 litres per minute airflow
  • Specified pressure shut-off
  • Inflate & Deflate functions
  • Automatic high capacity & high pressure modes for fast inflation
  • Compatible with all 12V car power outlets
  • A range of nozzle adaptors for compatibility with SUPs, ribs, towable tubes, lilos & airbeds


  • Includes: 12V Powerbank and mains adaptor charger
  • Features Batter Power Level Display
  • Charge time: 6 hours
  • Power: 140w
  • DC12 15A Output
  • Lithium Battery Capacity: 6000mAh
  • Dimensions: 15.5cm x 9.52cm x 4.8cm

Our high pressure / high capacity 20psi electric 12V SUP pump makes light work of inflating your paddleboard or other watersports inflatables.

The accompanying 12V Powerbank has been specifically designed to marry with the SUP pump, allowing you to inflate your board anywhere you please. Great for when you want to launch your SUP somewhere new that doesn’t have access for vehicles. The 12V port on your electric pump simply plugs into the powerbank. Switch on the powerbank, set the desired pressure on your pump, and watch your board inflate in no time.

The powerbank provides enough charge to inflate roughly four SUPs on one full charge. You can keep an eye on the level of charge easily with the power display so you'll never run out of juice when you're not expecting it.

This pump and powerbank combo is also perfectly suitable for use when inflating anything else you can think of, from airbeds, to boat towables, RIB tubes and more.

The pump requires a minimum of 10 minutes to cool down if inflating more than 1 board. Failure to cool the pump between uses can cause overheating and damage components.

The Powerbank requires a minimum of 30 minutes to cool down after 30 minutes of continuous use. Failure to cool the pump between uses can cause overheating and damage components. Please refer to the user manual for proper safety precautions.