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F-One Rocket Wing - Foil Board

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With its innovative design, the ROCKET WING offers exceptional stability, pitch balance, and effortless take-offs, making it the ultimate choice for wing foiling. Tailored specifically for this sport, this board is robust, user-friendly, and incredibly intuitive.

Key Features:

  • New Shape: Provides superior balance and facilitates easy take-offs.

  • Optimized Volume Distribution: Ensures enhanced stability.

  • Bevelled Rails and Double Concave: Facilitate effortless take-offs and smooth touchdown recoveries.

  • Intuitive Performance: Delivers a seamless and intuitive wing foiling experience.

Enjoy unparalleled stability, smooth transition into flight, and efficient pumping with the ROCKET WING. Enhanced pitch balance and stable flight characterize its performance. With improved acceleration for easy planing starts, take-offs are swift and efficient.

These updated ROCKET WING boards excel in nearly every aspect. Despite their compact length, they offer increased volume, providing the option for a smaller but equally stable board or a larger, more stable one. The domed nose enhances volume for steady water starts, while the recessed deck ensures optimal control.

Redesigned outlines and streamlined tails and noses enhance stability and manoeuvrability. A pronounced rocker on the nose aids in-flight attitude and early planing with faster accelerations. Bevelled rail profiles and double concave hulls facilitate quick take-offs and smooth touchdowns.

Expanded and redefined size ranges cater to a wide variety of riders:

  • 4’4, 4’6, and 4’8: Highly manoeuvrable, ideal for advanced riders seeking performance in strong winds, as well as freestyle enthusiasts.
  • 5’0, 5’3, and 5’5: Versatile all-purpose sizes suitable for intermediate riders or beginners with prior foil experience. Excellent manoeuvrability and carving potential.
  • 5’10 and 6’2: Confidence-inspiring sizes perfect for beginners or heavier riders. High volume ensures easier take-offs and remarkable stability, even in low-wind conditions.

Constructed with bamboo and bamboo reinforcements, these durable ROCKET WING boards are ideal for progressing through the sport, ensuring maximum utilization of your wing and foil.

SIZE Dimensions (Length x Width x Thickness) Volume Weight
4’4 4’4" x 21" x 4.1" 47 L 5.0 kg
4’6 4’6" x 21.75" x 4.2" 52 L 5.2 kg
4’8 4’8" x 22.5" x 4.5" 58 L 5.2 kg
5’0 5’0" x 23.5" x 4.8" 70 L 6.0 kg
5’3 5’3" x 25" x 5.2" 85 L 6.9 kg


This table provides the size, dimensions, volume, and weight for each variant of the ROCKET WING board.

F-One Rocket Wing - Foil Board
  • 4'4" 47L Pre-Order! - £1,250.00
  • 4'6" 52L Pre-Order! - £1,300.00
  • 4'8" 58L Pre-Order! - £1,350.00
  • 5'0" 70L Pre-Order! - £1,400.00
  • 5'3" 85L Pre-Order! - £1,450.00
  • 5'5" 100L Pre-Order! - £1,500.00
  • 5'10" 115L Pre-Order! - £1,600.00
  • 6'2" 140L Pre-Order! - £1,700.00