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F-ONE SK8 - Full Plane 850 cm² and XXXS 180cm² Stabiliser

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Embrace the Art of Carving!

The SK8, equipped with an impressive 850cm² front wing, is perfectly paired with the Monobloc Tail XXXS Carving 180 rear stabilizer.

Dive into the flow, immerse yourself in every turn, and prepare to unleash your shredding potential like never before with the SK8. This foil isn't just about turning; it's all about carving. Offering a perfect blend of control, maneuverability, and uninterrupted glide, the SK8 empowers you to sketch those dreamy lines, elevating your surfing experience to new heights.

Front Wing (850 cm²):

  • Aspect Ratio: 8.0
  • Its well-crafted outline allows for easy turns and confident, rapid carves.
  • The subtle lobe design strikes a harmonious balance between maneuverability and glide, enabling you to surf freely while maintaining efficient pumping.
  • The wingtips are designed to pierce the foam and ride smoothly without turbulence or cavitation.
  • Its exceptional speed makes it the go-to foil for surfing, whether you're chasing offshore swells or riding the shorebreak.
  • The monobloc construction ensures rigidity, longevity, and exceptional glide.

Stabilizer XXXS (180cm²):

  • Aspect Ratio: 6.8
  • Size: XXXS 180cm²
  • Delivers enhanced maneuverability, speed, rapid pumping, and a looser, snappier feel.
  • Monobloc construction elevates stiffness and minimizes turbulence.
  • Exclusively available with the SK8.

If you're in pursuit of speed and maneuverability, the Carving range with its thin profile and higher aspect ratio is your ideal choice. Opting for the XXXS 160cm², XXXS 180cm², or XXS 200cm² Monobloc Tails will provide that coveted loose, snappy sensation and a faster pumping rhythm.

The monobloc construction enhances rigidity while eliminating connections, resulting in a sleeker design that reduces turbulence. This premium connection enhances the playfulness, stability, and speed of any foil, all while eliminating the need for two extra screws, allowing you to get on the water swiftly!

Experience the remarkable performance offered by the High Modulus Carbon fiber layup used in these Monobloc Tails, delivering unparalleled stiffness and reliability to fuel your incredible sessions.


The High Modulus Carbon fiber layup, 1.5 times stiffer than regular carbon fiber used in other constructions, is meticulously balanced to achieve optimal stiffness in bending and torsion, while maintaining the necessary comfort for diverse styles of practice.


The monobloc construction elevates stiffness and minimizes turbulence by removing connections and adopting a sleeker design. This premium connection enhances the playfulness, stability, and speed of any foil. Moreover, the monobloc design eliminates the need for two screws, ensuring you hit the water even faster!

F-ONE SK8 - Full Plane 850 cm² and XXXS 180cm² Stabiliser
  • £1,245.00