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Exclusively Available with the SK8

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  • Aspect Ratio: 6.8
  • Three Sizes: XXXS 160cm², XXXS 180cm², and XXS 200cm²
  • Prioritizing Maneuverability, Speed, Fast Pumping, and a Dynamic, Agile Feel
  • Monobloc Construction Enhances Stiffness and Reduces Turbulence
  • Available Exclusively with the SK8

Discover the ultimate in speed and maneuverability with our Carving range, specifically designed for those seeking a more responsive and agile foil experience. Choose from the XXXS 160cm², XXXS 180cm², or XXS 200cm² Monobloc Tails to achieve a looser, more responsive feel and elevate your pumping speed.

Our innovative monobloc construction not only increases stiffness but also minimizes turbulence by eliminating connections, providing a streamlined design that promises a more playful, stable, and faster ride. Say goodbye to two screws, as you'll be on the water faster!

Available in Sizes:

  • 160cm²
  • 180cm²
  • 200cm²

Experience the Power of High Modulus Carbon The High Modulus Carbon fiber layup boasts 1.5 times the stiffness of regular carbon fiber used in other constructions. The percentage of high modulus fiber has been meticulously calibrated to achieve optimal stiffness in both bending and torsion while maintaining the comfort necessary for various riding styles.

Explore the Monobloc Tail Structure Our monobloc construction enhances stiffness and minimizes turbulence by eliminating connections and providing a sleek, streamlined design. This premium connection promises a more dynamic, stable, and faster foiling experience. Plus, it eliminates the need for two screws, so you can hit the water in no time!

  • XXXS 160cm² Pre Order - £360.00
  • XXXS 180cm² In Stock - £359.00
  • XXS 200cm² Pre Order - £360.00