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F-One Swing V4 Wing Foil Wing

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Thanks to its remarkable stability, lightweight construction, maneuverability, and precise control, our renowned SWING emerges as the ultimate wing for wave-riding and downwinding, all while offering versatility across various conditions. Its exceptional balance and control also position it as an ideal choice for freeriding.

Key Features:

  • Compact design prioritizing lightness and maneuverability
  • Intuitive and efficient take-offs
  • Impressive balance and stability for optimal wave utilization
  • Smooth and controlled ride, without abrupt accelerations or excessive speed, ensuring effortless surfing
  • Enhanced durability with HITEX, NANO, and HT80 materials
  • Equipped with our innovative interchangeable handle system

The latest iteration of our SWING benefits from a refined design, incorporating advancements from the fourth edition of our STRIKE. With its refined design, this version of the SWING delivers top-tier sensations while maintaining controlled speed to keep the foil manageable in any conditions. Positioned between the new ORIGIN and the STRIKE in our range, it offers a perfect balance.

Thanks to our meticulous Sail Engineering, the new SWING ensures excellent planing starts with effortless pumping, owing to its inherent flexibility. This feature allows riders of all levels to enjoy increased maneuverability with a smaller surface area.

Maintaining its compact design and reduced wingspan, the SWING remains exceptionally maneuverable and surf-ready. Optimal hand placement ensures comfort throughout the session without excessive strain.

The SWING effortlessly glides into waves while maintaining lightness and stability, providing a neutral position in the air during turns and flawlessly harnessing wave power with minimal resistance. Its immediate power delivery proves crucial for maneuvering out of waves or safely navigating the impact zone.

Offering efficient upwind riding, this fourth edition of the SWING enables effortless and extended downwinders. It retains its intuitive and comfortable nature while offering superior stability, lightness, and balance, all while maintaining smooth traction. This version strikes the ideal balance between performance and flexibility, ensuring excellent control throughout the wind range for riders of all skill levels.

Design: The fourth edition of the SWING incorporates design improvements from the latest STRIKE, including a straight central strut for better deformation control and reduced drag. The infill has been lowered and extended towards the back, while the Load Diffuser has been refined for weight reduction.

The leading edge of the SWING offers flexibility without compromising control in high wind conditions. Accurate panel layout, precise load management, and staggered seams ensure exceptional profile control across all wind ranges.

Utilizing HITEX, NANO, and HT80 materials, the SWING offers durability and performance across various tension points and load distributions. Radial cuts on wingtips and the back of the strut spread tensions, while fiber alignment ensures unprecedented stretch control.

The Load Diffuser, located on the back of the strut, enhances profile efficiency and longevity with overlapping panels of hard Mylar and Dacron.

Handles: Equipped with our new interchangeable handle system, the SWING allows riders to customize handles according to their preferences, whether soft, hybrid, or rigid. While soft handles come pre-installed, riders have the flexibility to tailor their setup for optimal comfort and control.

F-One Swing V4 Wing Foil Wing
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