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 Driven by the quest for freedom, FLYSURFER proudly introduces the MOJO project—a manifestation of our childhood dream of surfing and unwavering passion for wind-powered water sports. With the guiding principle of being the first in and the last out, the MOJO emerges as a highly efficient wing meticulously crafted to maximize your water time.

Experience unparalleled ease of control, exceptional performance, and a harmonious balance in the hover state. The MOJO propels you into the line-up swiftly and effortlessly guides you down the line. Its thoughtfully designed outline ensures constant propulsion, alleviating pressure on your body. For extended sessions or increasing winds, conserve energy with the Extra Handles, ensuring a safe journey home.

The MOJO's individually inflated tubes contribute to its remarkable rigidity, providing control over every gust and facilitating direct use for massive air. We are confident that we've crafted the most versatile surf wing, catering to everyone from the youngest to the most skilled surfer. Venture out, embrace the thrill, and discover your MOJO!

Key Features of the MOJO: Elevating Your Wing Experience

  1. Rigid Construction for Optimal Performance: The MOJO boasts a rigid construction critical for peak performance. Equipped with two free-flow valves on the strut and leading-edge, it maintains air chamber rigidity independently. Tuned diameters prevent shape buckling, ensuring maximum performance without the risk of accidental hose pulls during sessions.

  2. Balanced Center of Gravity for Effortless Maneuvers: The MOJO's design strategically places the center of pressure (lift) forward, minimizing shifts during handle adjustments or changes in the angle of attack. This ensures a consistent pressure distribution, generating constant traction and sparing the legs from unnecessary exertion. The wing effectively powers and depowers, effortlessly running upwind.

  3. Self-Stabilizing Drift for Wave Riding Pleasure: Embrace the pleasure of wave riding with the MOJO's V-shape, providing positive lateral stability and eliminating the rolling effect for a more stable experience.

  4. Viewing Windows for Enhanced Visibility: UV-resistant transparent windows offer uninterrupted visibility of your surroundings. Careful packing is advised to avoid kinking the windows.

  5. Non-Slip Handles for Maximum Grip: Deep ribs and an oval shape characterize the non-slip handles, maximizing grip and enhancing control over the wing.

  6. Profile Support for Efficient Propulsion: The fabric wall between the strut and upper sail regulates sail tension, converting power efficiently into propulsion. This profile support acts like a tail unit, ensuring self-stabilization in the hover state.

  7. Superb Wind Range for Versatile Performance: The MOJO's sail tension defines its functional profile, offering accessible power and easy control in varying wind conditions. Exceptional handling extends not only within the sweet spot but also when pushing the limits.

  8. Extra Handles for Low-Effort Driving: Specially positioned for low-effort driving in strong winds, the Extra Handles reduce arm pressure, facilitating easier overhead movement. Ideal for jibes and turns, they enhance overall maneuverability.




Rider weight 50 – 60 kg 60 – 70 kg 70 – 80 kg 80 – 95 kg 95+ kg
Wing sizes 2.8 / 4.5 / 5.2 2.8 / 4.5 / 5.2 2.8 / 3.5 / 4.5 / 6.2 2.8 / 4.5 / 5.2 / 7.0 3.5 / 5.2 / 7.0

The size chart recommends the board volume slightly above your body weight.

Technical Specification

MOJO’ Weight Projected Area
2.8 2,0 kg 2,73 m²
3.5 2,3 kg 3,42 m²
4.5 2,66 kg 4,39 m²
5.2 2,84 kg 5,08 m²
6.2 3,14 kg 6,05 m²
7.0 3,38 kg 6,83 m²

Wind Range

Flysurfer Mojo Windrange

‘Ready to Ride’ package consists of:
MOJO Surfwing
MOJO Waist Strap
MOJO Leash
MOJO Arm Strap
Wing Safety Guide
Repair Kit

  • 2.8 - Burgundy Edition - £539.00
  • 4.5 - Dark Edition - £819.00
  • 5.2 - Red Edition - £649.00
  • 6.2 - Red Edition - £719.00