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Gear Aid

Gear Aid - Aquasure FD Repair Adhesive 28g

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Easily address gear failures with Aquasure FD, a transparent, waterproof urethane adhesive conveniently packaged in a 28 g tube. Once cured, it transforms into a flexible rubber glue, ideal for repairing constantly moving outdoor gear. With excellent abrasion resistance, this adhesive is the go-to solution for mending fishing waders torn by river adventures or fixing a wetsuit damaged amidst prickly corals. Don't discard your gear; mend it with Aquasure FD, which also serves as an effective seam sealer. Let rips, tears, and holes no longer hinder you—patch them up with the versatile Aquasure FD and stay dry.

Key Features:

  • Durable: Robust urethane adhesive forms a permanent bond on surfaces and dries clear.
  • Flexible: Cures into a stretchy rubber that flexes with neoprene and other elastic gear.
  • Waterproof: Creates a water-tight seal resistant to peeling or cracking over time.
  • Abrasion Resistant: Maintains the appearance of gear by withstanding scrapes and scratches.
  • All-purpose: Bonds to a variety of outdoor fabrics, including neoprene, rubber, nylon, canvas, and vinyl
Gear Aid - Aquasure FD Repair Adhesive 28g
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