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Gladiator Elite SUPer Bravo Double Action Pump

Inflate your Paddleboard quickly and easily with the Bravo Double action SUPer Pump - SUP Boarder reviewed against Gri and Red Paddle Co Titan pump

The Gladiator bravo SUPer pump offers the rider a premium double action pump, The Super pump offers a fixed hose that attaches to the cylinder rather than handle which stops the hose moving around when inflating your board. 20% more efficient thanks to the piston and outside tube for the air outlet. Handles that remove and feet that are hinged to allow the pump to more easily packed away, either by rolling around the board or placing in the paddleboard bag.

The SUPer paddle board pump by Bravo is not only highly recommended and reviewed by SUP boarder, Our paddle board experts at SUP inflatables think its pretty awesome too! Why? Its fast, light, slim and with a tall cylinder the SUPer pump records a lower heart rate when pumping, alongside this we do love the feature of the pump hose attaching to the cylinder and not the handle, this means the hose doesn’t accidentally unscrew itself when your inflating your SUP.

 - This Pump is Branded Gladiator - 

SUP Boarder SUPer Bravo SUP Pump Test Results 

The SUPer Inflated a 135L iSUP board to 15 PSI in 2.10 seconds  with a max heart rate of 127

SUP Boardeer Paddle Board pump review link

  • £59.99