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The Gladiator Origin 10'4 SUP is a true all-round shape for shorter riders. At 10'4 x 30" x 4.7" this SUP board is the perfect all-round board for riders under 5'5. The 30" width and the straight rails make this SUP board nice and stable and offers the short rider a board that they can paddle without over-reach issues and a board that is easy to carry. The 4.7" thickness gives the board the correct volume which allows the 10'4 to be a great board for shorter riders wanting a board specific to there needs, the lighter rider will enjoy the board without getting caught by side winds which can occur from 6" thick boards.
Whether paddling flat water or waves with friends, family, kids or the dog, you'll have an amazing time on the 10'4.

Outline Shape: The Outline shape is 10'4 x 30" x 4.7'' with a rounded tail giving this board great glide and stability, allowing for a maneuverable and easy to turn board. The rail shape gives a vertical paddle stroke which improves tracking and reduces the number of times the paddle is switched from side to side when paddling.

More Information
Brand Gladiator
Year 2022
Dimensions 10'4 x 30" x 4.7"
Construction Double Laminated
Side Rails Double Rail Edge
Thickness 4.7"
Recommended PSI 20
Deck Pad Crocodile Deck Pad
Weight 9.6kg
Bag Gladiator Origin Backpack
Pump Bravo Double Action Pump
Fin US Fin
Weight in Bag with Pump TBC
Warranty 3 years


Max Carrying Capacity

Rider Weight
Under 75kg

Max Rider Weight

Rider Height
Up to 5'5"


Dropstitch: The Origin is made with double laminated fusion technology with an added 2 layer sandwich of 1000 den textile substrate in between the layers of PVC.

The Deckpad: The Gladiator origin crocodile deck pad offers comfort on long day paddles as well as lots of grip.

The Bungee Cargo System: The asymmetric cargo straps not only look funky but offer more versatile storage solutions. With 3 straps at the front of all all-round and performance all-round boards and another 2 straps at the back of all touring boards. Loading your board up for with kit has never been easier.

The Handle Design: Gladiator central handle is a super comfy thick paddled handle allowing carrying your board to the waterside to be super comfortable, the front and back handle are flat webbed designed allowing for a super durable and minimalistic look.

The Fin and Fin Box Design: All origin boards come with a stiff and durable plastic Gladiator branded fin with a universal 198mm inch fin box. This fin box has been shortened to allow for even easier rolling of your board without losing the universal aspect of a true universal fin box, allowing you to switch the fin for a shorter river fin if desired or allowing you easy purchasing of a new fin if you lose it in a more remote location.

The Paddle: The Origin paddle is a 3 piece fibreglass shaft with nylon blade with a comfortable palm handle design. Designed to allow you to paddle with a light durable paddle that fits all heights of riders as well as fitting bag in your Gladiator bag.

The Bag: The Gladiator Origin backpack has been designed with an oversized rectangular shape allowing for the board to go back in the bag really easily, with a strong zip for longevity of use and foiled internal inner for board UV protection when storing your board. The board bag also has a handy 3 way Velcro pocket design allowing quick and easy packing of your backpack straps when not in use, the Gladiator bag has also gone through an aesthetics makeover with all the packages being colour coordinated to each range.

The Pump: Inflate your board faster and easier with the Bravo SUPer pumps continuous pumping cycles in both downward and upward action. With a switch, the double action becomes single action for easy inflation to 20 PSI.

3 Years Warranty: Gladiator is an innovative brand, building high-quality paddleboards, but without a high price-tag, Using fusion double laminated and weave technology alongside triple rail edge construction means these boards are light & strong. With premium glueing technology that is 26 psi rated (even though 18/20 psi is perfect) the confidence in this high PSI means not only a very rigid board but also one that is very very strong.

BOARD COMES WITH > SUP Paddle | Backpack | Pump | Waterproof Phone Case | Repair Kit | SUP Leash | Free Shipping


Gladiator are a true revolution, with construction that competes with the best. With three range types to choose between, there is a board for everybody.

Premium High Density 26psi Rated Fusion Dropstitch With XStrong Double Rail Edge for The Ultimate In Durability & Affordability

The Gladiator Origin range of inflatable paddle boards are made from premium high-density, 26psi rated, fusion dropstitch. Designed with parallel rail edges, with the widest point through the central area (where the feet are positioned), all of which create great glide and stability. All Gladiator board use 4.7″ and 5'9" dropstitch in the all-round and touring ranges for optimum performance of the lighter rider and heavier rider needs.

The Origin Range includes seven models and the most popular sizes for kids and adults. Made from double laminated fusion dropstitch on a strong 1000den textile substrate. The side rails of the Origin boards are provided with an Xstrong double reinforced edge, These rails are premium and hard-wearing.

The excellent usability of the Gladiator Origin range is complemented by carry handles front, back and middle, cargo straps and a premium package of extras. Included in the package is a premium 3pc adjustable paddle with fiberglass shaft & nylon blade, US fin box and Gladiator branded US fin, premium Gladiator coiled leash, a Gladiator double-action pump and Gladiator backpack paddleboard bag with UV protection internal foil liner.