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Roll in style with our hardwearing six-piece set of Saltrock skating pads. These durable pads, crafted to keep your knees, elbows and hands safe whilst skating, come in a handy drawstring mesh bag to store them in. With super soft, comfortable fabric lining and a sturdy outer shell, you can skate with confidence and peace of mind knowing that you will be protected if you fall. These long-lasting Saltrock skate pads come in a minimalist black design to perfectly match any outfit. Whether you have taken a trip down to the skatepark or are rolling to work, stay fashionable with our modern Saltrock skate pads, keeping you safe from bumps and bruises. Check out our Saltrock helmet to ensure all bases are covered! 

Get your protection game on! Our Hardskate Skate Pads in black will do the trick. Lightweight and super comfortable, they're the perfect way to stay safe as you bust out your sickest skate moves. Don't let a few bumps in the road slow you down - slide on into the extreme sports scene with our pads!

  • Durable, hardwearing outer shell
  • Soft inner lining fabric
  • Protects your hands, elbows, and knees
  • Handy drawstring mesh bag for storage
  • Branded with our classic Saltrock logo


Small - 6-9 years (25kg) 

  • Wrist - 13-15cm
  • Elbow - 19-24cm
  • Knee - 21-26cm

Medium - 9-12 years (25-50kg)

  • Wrist - 14-16cm
  • Elbow - 21-27cm
  • Knee - 23-27cm

Large - 12-15 years (30-60kg)

  • Wrist - 15-17cm
  • Elbow - 23-29cm
  • Knee - 25-30cm

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A Brisish brand for over 30 years. Globally recognised and locally designed in North Devon.

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