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Floating Sunglasses, Polarised 400UV Protection - Floats in Fresh & Sea water!

These high performance Sunglasses are designed to suit a wide range of sporting activities but are specifically aimed at Watersports, delivering excellent eye protection with outstanding optical clarity and wrap around Polycarbonate lenses, which are Polarised and scratch resistant.

The TR 90 Military Style frame is very light, comfortable and robust. It features a ventilated frame design to reduce misting in cold weather and has removable lenses, so you can have prescription lenses fitted if you desire to do so.

In our tests, the ability to float in both Fresh and Salt water is unaffected with plastic prescription lenses up to - 4 Dioptre. We feel that you would be able to go well beyond this and still have no problem with them floating, but would always recommend conducting your own buoyancy test in shallow water after any different lenses are fitted, before going into deeper water.


" Light and comfortable HB839F TR 90 Military style frame
" 100% UVA & UVB (400UV) protection meeting EU, US & Australian Standards*
" Scratch and Impact resistant Polycarbonate Polarised Lenses
" Can be re glazed with prescription lenses
" Water Spray protection and Anti Fogging design
" Available in 6 attractive frame colours
" Permanent easily adjusted leash fits virtually everyone
" Weight 38g
" Free Microfiber bag for storage
" Ideal for Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, SUP and the Foiling versions of these sports, Water-ski, Wakeboard, Kayak, Surf, Sailing, Angling and just about every other water or land based sport!

* For certain conditions and locations, 400UV is not sufficient to provide full eye protection from reflected/radiant light/UV.

Please pay special regard to very bright/reflective surfaces like Snow, or to radiant levels at higher altitudes where the thinner atmosphere provides less filtration for harmful rays - for some applications/locations, you may therefore need additional protection and should be aware of the importance of making this judgement for your own safety.

  • Awesome White - Enquire Now - £29.95
  • Flame Red - £29.95
  • Matt Black - £29.95
  • Gloss Black - Enquire Now - £29.95
  • Metallic Blue - Enquire Now - £29.95