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Outdoor Master

Outdoor Master Cachalot 2S Electric Paddle Board Pump inc. Internal Battery

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Cachalot 2S Portable Electric SUP Air Pump

Efficient Inflation Up to 20 PSI

The Cachalot 2 Portable Electric SUP Air Pump delivers powerful inflation up to 20 PSI, enabling you to inflate up to three paddleboards consecutively. Spend less time prepping and more time enjoying water adventures with family and friends.

Fast Dual-Stage Inflation & Deflation

  • Stage 1: High-speed inflation at 350L/min.
  • Stage 2: Precision inflation at 70L/min.

The AUTO-OFF feature stops the pump at the target pressure for accurate and safe inflation. The deflation function ensures quick and easy packing.

High-Pressure Power System

With a maximum of 20 PSI, this pump connects effortlessly to your car’s 12V DC connector or a power station for hassle-free recharging.

Portable & Lightweight Design

Weighing just 0.9kg and featuring a convenient handle, the Cachalot 2 is easy to carry and store, outperforming many smaller SUP pumps on the market.

Versatile Compatibility

Includes seven nozzles for inflating SUP boards, kayaks, air mattresses, kites, inflatable tents, and beds. Perfect for camping trips and beach vacations.

Key Features

  1. Up to 20 PSI: High-pressure inflation.
  2. Inflates 3 Boards in a Row: Continuous use without overheating.
  3. Deflation Function: Easy packing.
  4. Active Cooling System: Prevents overheating.
  5. 12V DC Car Connector: Convenient power source.
  6. 7 Nozzle Accessories: Versatile for multiple inflatables.
  7. Waterproof and Sandproof: Durable for all environments.
  8. Digital Display: Real-time pressure monitoring.
  9. Certified: CE, RoHs, CP65, WEEE, REACH, and UKCA certified.
  10. Compact & Lightweight: Easy to carry and store.

Test Approved

The Cachalot 2 meets CA65, CE, and RoHS compliance standards, ensuring quality and efficiency.

Electric Pump Comparisons

1-Speed Paddleboard Pump:

  • Single Speed: Slower inflation to avoid motor burnout.
  • Usage Tip: Start with a hand pump up to 8-12 PSI, then switch to electric.

2-Speed Paddleboard Pump:

  • Dual Speed: Fast initial inflation, then slower for higher pressure.
  • Cooling Fan: Integrated to prevent overheating.

2-Speed Pump with Cooling Fan & Internal Battery:

  • Features: Cooling fan and internal battery.
  • Benefits: Inflates up to four boards without using car battery, ideal for use away from the car or with electric vehicles.

Optimize your water adventures with the Cachalot 2 Portable Electric SUP Air Pump, designed for fast, efficient, and safe inflation.

Outdoor Master Cachalot 2S Electric Paddle Board Pump inc. Internal Battery
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