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Pure HA Fuselink Monobloc

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The PURE 800 HA and PURE 1100 HA shine in environments with low to moderate energy sources. These foils deliver unparalleled gliding capabilities while maintaining exceptional maneuverability. Their optimized design ensures ample lift, even at lower speeds, enabling you to sail with reduced canvas or under moderate canvas. The lift generated allows you to effortlessly navigate from one swell train to another while staying above the water.

Featuring the Fuselink innovation and a significant enhancement to the fuselage, the PURE 800 HA and 1100 HA boast advanced technology for an enhanced foiling experience.

In comparison to the existing Pure HA800 and HA1100 models, both foils have undergone a 20mm reduction in fuselage length. The Pure HA800 has been streamlined from 592 mm to 572 mm, and the Pure HA1100 from 573 mm to 553 mm.

Additionally, the mast position has been shifted 10 mm closer to the front wing. This adjustment provides direct and precise control, elevating the overall handling of the foil and contributing to an improved foiling experience.

Monobloc Front Wing:

Property 800 1100
Surface (cm2) 800 1100
Span (mm) 1000 1100
Aspect Ratio 13 11
Max Chord (mm) 100 125
Max Thickness (mm) 11.6 14.5
Fuselage Length (mm) 572 553
Construction UHM Carbon UHM Carbon
Weight (kg) 1.8 1.85
Screw Length 25 25


Front Wing:

  • Pure HA800: Ideal for sup/surf foiling in radical conditions, excelling in downwind extremes, and designed for a dynamic wing experience.

  • Pure HA1100: Tailored for sup/surf foiling in small waves, serving as a downwind powerhouse, and optimized for wing performance in lightwind conditions.

Pure HA Fuselink Monobloc
  • HA 800 - Enquire Now - £1,119.00
  • HA 1100 - Enquire Now - £1,139.00