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Replacement iSUP Side Fin

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Replacement iFin fits any inflatable SUP board

 Replacement fin for Red paddle Co ride 10'6,10'8 or 9'8. These fins can be glued to the bottom of the Red paddle Co Ride or any inflatable SUP that is in need of an iFin.

These fins or sold individually - Glue sold seperatly

Installing on your board is easy.

Utilize any PVC adhesive for boats or Henkle (Loctite) 401, easily found online. Comply with the following steps:

1) Inflate the board to 15 psi.

2) Wipe down the area for gluing - preferably with acetone.

3) Warm up the fin with a hairdryer (or leave in the sun).

4) Apply the glue to both surfaces.

5) Join both pieces ensuring no air is present. Firmly press down from the middle outwards.

6) Keep pressing on the area for about 5 mins.

7) Place a heavy weight atop the area for 8 hrs. 8) Allow 24 hours before using.

Replacement iSUP Side Fin
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