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Introducing our SES Complete Package - Your Simple Entry to Foiling

Just as the name implies, our new SES (Super Easy Start) complete package is designed for effortless initiation, all while offering an attractive price point.

The SES range, though distinct, maintains modularity and complete compatibility with the wider lineup of AXIS red fuselage products. This ensures a clear path for skill progression. As you advance, you can easily switch out components like the front wing, rear wing, or mast length without the need for a whole new setup.

The core of our Super Easy Start package revolves around AXIS's industry-leading 19mm Alloy mast system, which includes a 75cm mast and our latest 19mm base plate. It also features a newly developed SES fuselage (725mm) of moderate length, ideal for novice and intermediate foilers. This innovative fuselage incorporates our 'doodad' system, enhancing the renowned AXIS system's rigidity while streamlining assembly by reducing components.

Our AXIS Super Easy Start foils are meticulously crafted using an exclusive technique, utilizing a Paulownia wood core and hybrid glass construction. Each foil ships with custom-fit protective covers.

Drawing from the well-established performance and easy maneuvering of our BSC range, the SES introduces a slightly reduced aspect ratio for an even more straightforward and smoother lift. To prioritize safety and user-friendliness, SES wings feature rounded tips.

For those seeking a larger setup, explore the Super Easy Start 1040 here.

Selecting the perfect foil with the AXIS SES package is a breeze:

The AXIS SES package is available in two sizes:

  1. SES 1040: Ideal for riders weighing 80kg (175lbs) and above, or for riders in regions with light winds or smaller surf conditions.

    • Wingspan: 1040mm
    • Actual Surface Area: 1957 sqcm
    • Volume: 3020 cm3
  2. SES 940: Tailored for riders weighing less than 80kg (175lbs), or for heavier riders in areas with medium/high winds or larger surf conditions.

    • Wingspan: 940mm
    • Actual Surface Area: 1668 sqcm
    • Volume: 2380 cm3

Both systems feature the new SES 450/80 rear stabilizer wing, designed explicitly for stability, control, and effortless turning.

The Super Easy Start packages are neatly packed in a convenient padded carton box, containing everything you need for assembly and your journey into foiling. The AXIS SES setup is particularly well-suited for wing foiling, as well as being versatile for Wake, SUP/Prone surfing, and Pumping/Dock starting.

  • £989.00