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Surf Ears

SurfEars 3.0

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SurfEars 3.0 protect ears while maintaining hearing and balance accuracy. With interchangeable parts designed to fit various ear sizes, each user enjoys a secure and comfortable fit. Designed for a variety of aquatic activities such as surfing, swimming, kayaking, diving, wind sports, including wing foiling and kite surfing and wakeboarding.

Uncompromised Auditory Experience

SurfEars provide outstanding ear protection without compromising your ability to hear your surroundings, enabling you to fully engage in your surfing adventure while remaining aware of fellow surfers and safety signals.

Preserved Equilibrium

Engineered to uphold your natural balance, SurfEars earplugs keep all your senses intact, allowing you to concentrate on your passion without any disruptions.

Tailored Comfort

Featuring interchangeable components in various sizes, SurfEars earplugs ensure a customized and secure fit, delivering unparalleled comfort during extended water activities.

Exceptional Versatility

Adapted for a variety of aquatic endeavors, SurfEars earplugs excel in surfing, swimming, white water kayaking, diving, wakeboarding, and more, offering exceptional protection across a spectrum of water sports.

Sturdy and Dependable

Conceived in Sweden and crafted from high-quality materials, SurfEars earplugs are constructed to withstand the rigors of even the most demanding water activities. This ensures enduring performance and peace of mind as you indulge in your water sports pursuits

Prevention of Surfer’s Ear and Swimmer’s Ear

SurfEars provides a protective barrier against prolonged water exposure, reducing the risk of developing conditions like surfer’s ear (exostosis) and swimmer’s ear (otitis externa), which can result from repeated water exposure and cause discomfort and hearing issues.

Defending Against Irritants and Infections

By effectively sealing the ear canal, SurfEars minimizes the entry of waterborne irritants, pollutants, and pathogens that can trigger infections, inflammation, and complications in the ear, supporting long-term ear health.

Contains :
One pair of Surf Ears 3.0 earplugs
One adjustable cord
One quality silicone case
6 additional gel plugs (4 total sizes)
2 fixing wings (2 total sizes)
One manual

“Best Overall Earplugs”

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SurfEars 3.0
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